Great Dane Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH BRN Picture Perfect 100.0 Blue fawn merle Brinn2 $50
GCH CH Ashesss Halsey 100.0 Blue fawn Brinn2 $25
GCH CH WINK Fizzbo 100.0 Blue mantle Winthrop Kennels $25
CH Equity*s Apathy or Suicide 100.0 Mantle Equity Danes $100
CH BRN New Englands Legacy 100.0 Blue mantle Brinn2 $50
CH BRN Dark Delight 100.0 Black Brinn2 $50
CH BRN Shining Blue 100.0 Blue Brinn2 $50
CH BRN Puffs Of Smoke 100.0 Blue harlequin Brinn2 $50
CH Equity*s Billy George 100.0 Black Equity Danes $50
CH Equity*s Classic By Design 100.0 Harlequin Mantle Equity Danes $50
CH Equity*s Perfect Chaos 100.0 Blue harlequin Equity Danes $25
CH Equity*s Apathy 100.0 Mantle Equity Danes $25
CH Equity*s Let The BadTimes Roll 100.0 Harlequin Mantle Equity Danes $25
CH BRN Ebony Ash 100.0 Black Brinn2 $25
CH BRN Coal Patches 100.0 Double merle Brinn2 $25
BRN Sweet Charcoal Blue 100.0 Blue (dilute) merle Brinn2 $50
BRN Mr Big Adventure 100.0 Blue fawn Brinn2 $50
Equity*s Romance in the Dark 100.0 Black Deja Blue $50
Equity*s Cruel Intentions 100.0 Mantle Equity Danes $50
Equity*s Sociological Weirdo 100.0 Mantle Equity Danes $25
NJM Aim Straight 100.0 Blue brindle merle mantle Nikki420 $25
Equity*s Gauntlet 100.0 Fawn harlequin mantle Nikki420 $25
NJM Taking The Easy Way Out 100.0 Fawn mantle Nikki420 $25
Equity*s Devil May Care 100.0 Harlequin Mantle Equity Danes $25
WINK Dark Picture 100.0 Merle Winthrop Kennels $25

Did you know?
In the American Kennel Club, a dog needs 15 points to become a Champion, with each win gaining anywhere from zero to five points depending on the number of dogs competing and the area where the show is held.