Show Record - NLS Arctic Dream

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Show Handler Placing Judge
Strikers December 3rd All Breed Show 2018 - (Puppy) Greg Alexander Best in Breed Maria Mitchell 12/3/2018
Jester Dogs 133rd All Breed Show - (Puppy) Chric Hoover Best in Breed Edward Thomas 12/4/2018
Rossetts Dec 5 All Breed Show - (Puppy) Veronica Sheidt Best in Breed Charles Britton 12/5/2018
wallam falls 1 - (Puppy) All Mederos 2nd in Show
(5 pts)
Ronald Brooks 12/7/2018
Stealing Home 68 - (Puppy) Tod Brubaker Best in Breed
(5 pts)
Myron Carlo 12/8/2018
Northern Lights All Breed 1 - (Puppy) Kim Coleman Best of Opposite Sex Dianne Hall 12/9/2018
North By Northcrest All Breed - (Puppy) Justin Moyer Best of Opposite Sex
(1 pts)
Alan Magdaleno 12/10/2018
Masterfully Planned All Breed 19 - (1 to 1 1/2 Months) Keven Dowdle Best of Opposite Sex
(1 pts)
Thomas Moore 12/11/2018
KDH All Breed 7 - (1 to 1 1/2 Months) All Mederos Best of Opposite Sex
(3 pts)
Ronald Brooks 12/12/2018
Artesia December 13th All Breed Show - (Champions) Joandy Classen 3rd in Breed Kevin Evans 12/13/2018
Jester Dogs 134th All Breed Show - (Champions) Jamiel Leavens 2nd in Breed Joseph Myles 12/14/2018
All The Way to KingdomCome 1 - (Champions) Chry Krell Best in Breed
(3 GC pts)
Betty Price 12/15/2018
Companions All Breed 16th December - (Champions) Lucinda Hunter Best in Breed
(2 GC pts)
Edward Saavedra 12/16/2018
Frijsland 65 - (Champions) Peren Troy Best in Breed Carlton Aubin 12/17/2018
Firestoaker In The Sky All Breed 14 - (Champions) Justin Moyer Best in Breed
(1 GC pts)
Cristi Langley 12/18/2018
Fall Into Winter All Breed 12 - (Champions) Deborie Mejorado 3rd in Breed Elvin Galan 12/19/2018
Firestoaker In The Sky All Breed 13 - (Champions) Sylvia Tejeda 3rd in Group Lorraine Horne 12/21/2018
Deliverance From Evil All Breed 14 - (Champions) Nata Deming 2nd in Breed Lucio Medrano 12/22/2018
Glenfield 95 - (Champions) Patrick Sayforth Best in Breed Jules Fox 12/23/2018
Before Christmas All Breed - (Champions) Bob Golub 3rd in Group Abigail Cave 12/24/2018
All Breeds Spectacular 13 - (Champions) Flozell Tucker Best of Opposite Sex
(1 GC pts)
Scott Jackson 12/25/2018
Beltane Holiday Celebration - (Champions) Jay McHaney Best of Opposite Sex
(3 GC pts)
Debbie Vaughn 12/26/2018
AbleBaker 115 - (Champions) Owner 4th in Breed Orval Sales 12/27/2018
Canine Holiday Ceilidh - (Champions) Owner Best in Breed Barbara Munoz 12/28/2018
Draig Winter Show 9 - (Champions) Jessa McKinnley Best in Show Timothy Mccord 12/29/2018
Above The Rim - (Champions) Justin Moyer Best of Opposite Sex Terry Simmons 12/30/2018
December 2018 World Cup - (Champions) Owner DNP Doris Turner 12/31/2018
Angels On Parade - (Champions) Emma Moss Best in Breed
(1 GC pts)
Laurence Nielson 1/1/2019
Alchemy 79 - (Champions) Chrica Donnellan 4th in Breed Kimberly Cunningham 1/3/2019
Artesia January 4th All Breed Show - (Champions) Valera Ortiz 2nd in Breed Sarah Brush 1/4/2019
AbleBaker 116 - (Champions) Adrian Campbell Best in Breed Leona Kiley 1/5/2019
Companions All Breed January 6 - (Champions) David Scott Best in Breed Jolene Ramsey 1/6/2019
Frijsland 67 - (Champions) Maret Gentile Best of Opposite Sex
(1 GC pts)
Grady Aristophanes 1/8/2019
Canine Ceilidh 121 - (Champions) Dianne Carter Best in Breed
(1 GC pts)
Erik Morris 1/10/2019
Beltane Celebration 79 - (Champions) Greg Alexander Best in Breed Angel Yeung 1/11/2019
Cks New Years Bash - (Champions) Keven Dowdle Best in Breed Blake Hepler 1/12/2019
Goodbye all 11 - (Champions) Tod Brubaker Best in Breed Myron Carlo 1/13/2019
AirMid 63 - (Champions) Rachero Fergus Best of Opposite Sex Martin Lee 1/16/2019
DreamTeam Winter Show 2 - (Champions) Reberol Pattison 4th in Show
(3 GC pts)
Mose Spurgeon 1/18/2019
Alibi January 20th All Breed Show - (Champions) Jos Harter 2nd in Breed Marjorie Moore 1/20/2019
Bring Up The Line - (Champions) Chrica Donnellan 4th in Breed Kimberly Cunningham 1/21/2019
Draig Winter Show 10 - (Champions) Stew Kellermen 2nd in Breed Martin Thomas 1/23/2019
Abbott All Breed 66 - (Champions) Lucinda Hunter Best in Breed Mendy Menzie 1/24/2019
Abbott All Breed 67 - (Champions) Reberol Pattison Best in Breed
(1 GC pts)
Colton Kunkle 1/25/2019
Abbott All Breed 68 - (Champions) Angela Fletcher 2nd in Breed Ester Arriaga 1/26/2019
Abbott All Breed 70 - (Champions) Rachero Fergus Best in Breed Martin Lee 1/28/2019
All Breeds Spectacular 9 - (Champions) Cliff Irwin 4th in Breed Colin Lacy 2/2/2019
Artesia February 5th All Breed Show - (Champions) Patrick Sayforth Best in Breed Jules Fox 2/5/2019
AbleBaker 119 - (Champions) Bob Golub 2nd in Breed Kelvin Walton 2/8/2019
Comet Presents All Breed Bonanza 3 - (Champions) Chrise Elleberee 4th in Breed Genevieve Cyr 2/9/2019
Alchemy 83 - (Champions) Mark Jetter Best in Breed
(1 GC pts)
Linda Gross 2/10/2019
KDH All Breed 20 - (Champions) Maret Gentile 3rd in Breed Deloris Carter 2/11/2019
Circuit Winter Show - (Champions) Terri Farnum 4th in Group
(4 GC pts)
Joseph Cambell 2/12/2019
- Taylynn All Breed 1 - - (Champions) Jessa McKinnley 2nd in Group
(5 GC pts)
Peggy Thomas 2/13/2019
Bryerwood Valentine All Breed - (Champions) Antonio Hutchinson 2nd in Breed Amanda Brantley 2/14/2019
Canine Ceilidh 122 - (Champions) Adrian Campbell 2nd in Breed Scott Person 2/15/2019
Artesia February 16th All Breed Show - (Champions) Roxanne Leatherwood Best in Breed
(1 GC pts)
Patrick Tatum 2/16/2019
Ballroom Dance With Me 7 - (Champions) John Urick 4th in Breed Gwendolyn Gibbons 2/17/2019
Breacan Winter Show 4 - (Champions) Keven Dowdle 3rd in Breed Kerrie Orval 2/18/2019
Alchemy 84 - (Champions) Doug Mavroulis Best in Breed Amanda Mclean 2/19/2019
Clwyds Feb 20 All Breed Show - (Champions) Duane Rawley 3rd in Breed Don Alaniz 2/20/2019
Harsh Beauty 92 - (Champions) Bradie DiNapoli 3rd in Breed Theodore Belew 2/22/2019
Companions All Breed 24th February - (Champions) Nata Deming 4th in Breed Joseph Flanagan 2/24/2019
Companions All Breed 25th February - (Champions) Rogane Tuller 2nd in Breed James Link 2/25/2019
Alchemy 85 - (Champions) Owner 2nd in Breed Lorie Nave 2/26/2019
Any Dream Will Do 13 - (Champions) Jos Harter 2nd in Breed Maximo Jean 2/27/2019
February 2019 World Cup - (Champions) Owner DNP Oscar West 2/28/2019
Draig Winter Show 11 - (Champions) Tod Brubaker 2nd in Breed Linda Sheets 3/1/2019
Circuit Winter Show 3 - (Champions) John Urick 2nd in Breed Elliott Mcclean 3/2/2019
Clwyds March 3 All Breed Show - (Champions) Ros Richart 2nd in Breed Maria Braun 3/3/2019
Any Dream Will Do 14 - (Champions) Julie Patton Best in Show
(5 GC pts)
Christopher Kerr 3/4/2019
Any Dream Will Do 16 - (Champions) Keven Dowdle 2nd in Breed Aileen Ley 3/6/2019
AbleBaker 121 - (Champions) Dianne Carter 2nd in Breed Richard Wilson 3/7/2019
Aliyah 49 - (Champions) Katy Murrell 4th in Breed Carlos Spann 3/9/2019
April 2019 Siberian Husky Nationals - (Veterans) Owner 2nd in Veterans Jimmy James 4/16/2019

Entries that resulted in less than Best in Breed are deleted after two months.

**Show dates for entries are updated once per hour.  If the dates for some of your entries show up as N/A please check back in an hour or two.

Did you know?
The figure 8 exercise requires the team to heel in a figure 8 pattern either on or off leash. Generally two of the ring stewards will assist the judge with this exercise by acting as "posts", standing 8 feet apart, that the team walks around to form the loops of the figure 8.