Show Record - Sweetbrier Over The Top

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Show Handler Placing Judge
BC Xmas Eve Show - (Puppy) Owner DNP Leif Law 12/24/2019
Sweetbier Holiday Show 7 - (Puppy) Kelly LaFoy 2nd in Class Kathy Schoonover 12/24/2019
All Breeds MSpectacular 83 - (Puppy) Owner 3rd in Class Donna Fox 12/25/2019
BC Christmas Special 2 - (Puppy) Owner DNP Sang Wolfson 12/25/2019
Caulfeilds Boxing Day All Breed Show - (Puppy) Deborie Mejorado 2nd in Class Maria Hopkins 12/26/2019
See You Back at the Ranch 5 - (Puppy) Owner Reserve Winners Dog George Hunter 12/27/2019
KDH All Breed 128 - (Puppy) Dianne Carter Reserve Winners Dog Paul Spencer 12/28/2019
Krieghund Winter Show 17 - (Puppy) Joandy Classen 3rd in Class Nancy Wilson 12/29/2019
Clwyds NYE Eve All Breed Show - (Puppy) Valera Ortiz 3rd in Class Bennie Wilkins 12/30/2019
BC New Year Special - (Puppy) Owner 2nd in Specialty Show
(5 pts)
George Wallace 1/1/2020
Sweetbrier New Year Show - (Puppy) Owner 3rd in Breed
(5 pts)
Earl Feinstein 1/1/2020
Draig Winter Show 12 - (Puppy) Owner Best in Breed
(5 pts)
Herbert Lawson 1/2/2020
Breacan Winter Show 5 - (Champions) Owner 3rd in Group
(5 GC pts)
Chad Hill 1/3/2020
Clwyds Jan 4 All Breed Show - (Champions) Owner 2nd in Group
(5 GC pts)
Randal Harris 1/4/2020
Shades of Gold 5 - (Champions) David Scott 3rd in Breed Jolene Ramsey 1/5/2020
KDH All Breed 130 - (Champions) Owner Best of Opposite Sex
(1 GC pts)
Helen Crippen 1/6/2020
All Breeds Spectacular 87 - (Champions) Owner Best in Breed
(5 GC pts)
Brandon Buckner 1/7/2020
Krieghund Winter Show 20 - (Champions) Rogane Tuller Best of Opposite Sex
(5 GC pts)
Brooks Wasson 1/8/2020
All Breeds Spectacular 88 - (Champions) Bill Meyer 3rd in Breed Thomas Olson 1/9/2020
Caulfeilds Jan 10 All Breed Show - (Champions) Ben Marro DNP Grady Aristophanes 1/10/2020
Draig Winter Show 13 - (Champions) Owner 4th in Group
(5 GC pts)
Mark Wilson 1/11/2020
GaylanStudio6 2020-01-12 All Breed Show - (Champions) Owner 3rd in Group
(5 GC pts)
Roosevelt Bomar 1/12/2020
Jolly Show 4 - (Champions) Julie Patton 3rd in Group
(5 GC pts)
Bennie Wilkins 1/16/2020
Beltane Celebration 108 - (Champions) Roxanne Leatherwood 3rd in Group
(5 GC pts)
Patrick Tatum 1/17/2020
Shades of Gold 7 - (Champions) Valera Ortiz DNP Edward Saavedra 1/18/2020
January 2020 Border Collie Nationals - (Champions) Owner Best of Opposite Sex
(5 GC pts)
Colin Lacy 1/20/2020
January 2020 World Cup - (Champions) Owner DNP George Wilson 1/31/2020

Entries that resulted in less than Best in Breed are deleted after two months.

**Show dates for entries are updated once per hour.  If the dates for some of your entries show up as N/A please check back in an hour or two.

Did you know?
A conformation dog show is not a comparison of one dog to another but a comparison of each dog to a judge's mental image of the ideal breed type as outlined in the individual breed's breed standard.