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Show Handler Placing Judge
Let Freedom Ring 1 - (1 to 1 1/2 Months) Maret Gentile Best of Opposite Sex Theodore Belew 8/7/2020
Brave New World 8 - (1 to 1 1/2 Months) Owner 2nd in Breed
(3 pts)
JT Howden 8/8/2020
GaylanStudio4 2020-08-17 All Breed Show - (1 to 1 1/2 Months) Maret Gentile 3rd in Breed
(3 pts)
Brenda Moore 8/17/2020
Clwyds August 18 All Breed Show - (1 to 1 1/2 Months) Robert Pouk 2nd in Breed
(3 pts)
Pamela Banks 8/18/2020
GaylanStudio5 2020-08-19 All Breed Show - (1 to 1 1/2 Months) Veronica Sheidt Best of Opposite Sex
(3 pts)
Kurt Harvin 8/19/2020
Canine Ceilidh 159 - (Open) Annee Lino Best of Opposite Sex
(5 pts)
Jacob Dews 8/20/2020
Brave New World 17 - (Champions) Owner 2nd in Breed Bruce Bass 8/21/2020
Seasar All Breed 148 - (Champions) Justin Moyer 3rd in Group Lazaro Carillo 8/22/2020
Broken Road All Breed - (Champions) Jos Harter Best of Opposite Sex
(4 GC pts)
Lacey Zachery 8/23/2020
Afghan Hound Specialty V - (Champions) Owner DNP Scott Person 8/25/2020
Rossetts Aug 25 All Breed Extravaganza - (Champions) Julie Patton Best in Group
(5 GC pts)
Bennie Wilkins 8/25/2020
GaylanStudio2 2020-08-28 All Breed Show - (Champions) Owner 3rd in Breed Lester Fuller 8/28/2020
August 2020 World Cup - (Champions) Owner DNP JT Howden 8/31/2020
Gliders Birthday Show - (Champions) Owner Best in Specialty Show
(5 GC pts)
James Link 9/1/2020
September 2020 Afghan Hound Nationals - (Champions) Owner DNP Alisa Fillmore 9/4/2020
GaylanStudio1 2020-09-05 All Breed Show - (Champions) Roxanne Leatherwood Best in Group
(1 GC pts)
Carlos Stewart 9/5/2020
Down Under All Breed 16 - (Champions) Ellen Schroeder 2nd in Group
(1 GC pts)
Gary Rivera 9/6/2020
Steinhaus Summer Show 21 - (Champions) Veronica Sheidt 3rd in Group
(2 GC pts)
Sarah Brush 9/7/2020
Be A Good Neighbor - (Champions) Owner DNP Doris Turner 9/8/2020
Under the Southern Cross 24 - (Champions) Ellen Schroeder Best in Show
(1 GC pts)
Ryan Juliesen 9/9/2020
Mists of Avalon 23 - (Champions) Owner 4th in Breed George Wilson 9/10/2020
KDH All Breed 228 - (Champions) Veronica Sheidt 3rd in Group Sarah Brush 9/11/2020
Seasar All Breed 152 - (Champions) Veronica Sheidt Best in Breed Anna Gonzales 9/12/2020
Australis All Breed 41 - (Champions) Robert Pouk Best of Opposite Sex Gwendolyn Gibbons 9/13/2020
Brave New World 41 - (Champions) Bob Golub 3rd in Show Paul Spencer 9/14/2020
Yall This Calendar Needs Shows - (Champions) Justin Moyer 3rd in Group Christopher Kerr 9/15/2020
Yall Lets Add Some Shows 2 - (Champions) Robert Pouk Best in Show Carlos Spann 9/16/2020
K9 Kapers 29 - (Champions) Ellen Schroeder Best in Breed
(5 GC pts)
Modesto Clem 9/17/2020
Carnewf Old is New Again 1 - (Champions) Aarry Schmit Best in Breed
(1 GC pts)
Susan Sherman 9/18/2020
FireEmbers Sept. 19th AB - (Champions) Justin Moyer 4th in Group
(1 GC pts)
Andrew Nicholson 9/19/2020
Brave New World 42
(Current Entries)
Robert Pouk Paul Perry 9/20/2020
Decoys All Breed 31
(Current Entries)
Roxanne Leatherwood Linda Schubert 9/21/2020
Indiana All Breed 9.22
(Current Entries)
Jessa McKinnley Debbie Vaughn 9/22/2020
Moodys Mad Eye
(Current Entries)
Ellen Schroeder Mike Dixon 9/24/2020
Insignia All Breed
(Current Entries)
Justin Moyer Nancy Wilson 9/25/2020
KDH All Breed 233
(Current Entries)
Owner Jared Weiderhold 9/27/2020
Brave New World 49
(Current Entries)
Owner Carlos Stewart 9/28/2020
September 2020 World Cup
(Current Entries)
Owner Doris Turner 9/30/2020
October 2020 Afghan Hound Nationals
(Current Entries)
Owner Scott Pham 10/4/2020
TBA All Breed Show
(Current Entries)
Bob Golub Petar Amelia 10/6/2020
Clwyds October 7 All Breed Show
(Current Entries)
Owner Emerson Shores 10/7/2020

Entries that resulted in less than Best in Breed are deleted after two months.

**Show dates for entries are updated once per hour.  If the dates for some of your entries show up as N/A please check back in an hour or two.

Did you know?
The second obedience title is a CDX, or "Companion Dog Excellent", which is earned through competition in the Open obedience class.