Show Record - TLC Another Highland Lass

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Show Handler Placing Judge
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling 173 - (Puppy) Reberol Pattison 2nd in Class Ester Arriaga 12/24/2021
Rossetts Christmas Extravaganza - (Puppy) Jessa McKinnley 3rd in Breed
(2 pts)
Jesus Russell 12/25/2021
Canmore3 All Breed 21-12-28 - (Puppy) Owner Winners Bitch
(4 pts)
Chad Hill 12/28/2021
GaylanStudio All Breed 21-12-29 - (Puppy) Owner 3rd in Class Matthew Phillips 12/29/2021
Kilhey 151 - (Puppy) Jene Moak 3rd in Breed
(2 pts)
Edward Moore 12/30/2021
Misty Ls all breed extravaganza 1 - (Puppy) Maret Gentile Best of Opposite Sex
(1 pts)
Wilfredo Feaster 1/1/2022
KDH All Breed 353 - (Puppy) Robert Pouk Best of Opposite Sex
(2 pts)
James Link 1/2/2022
KDH All Breed 354 - (Puppy) Justin Moyer Best in Group
(5 pts)
Blake Hugh 1/3/2022
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling 182 - (Champions) Jessa McKinnley Best of Opposite Sex Travis Hunter 1/4/2022
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling 186 - (Champions) Owner DNP Willian Crutchfield 1/5/2022
WD Show Me the Way 7 - (Champions) Roxanne Leatherwood 2nd in Group
(1 GC pts)
Rose Clark 1/6/2022
Ranch JAH Autumn Fayre 33 - (Champions) Flozell Tucker Best of Opposite Sex Scott Jackson 1/7/2022
Canmore1 All Breed 22-01-08 - (Champions) Flozell Tucker 3rd in Show
(1 GC pts)
Scott Jackson 1/8/2022
Hamos Hounds The Festival 21 - (Champions) Greg Alexander 2nd in Show
(4 GC pts)
Trudy Walker 1/9/2022
Jimbos Pad Tournament 11
(Current Entries)
Yvette Glover Best in Breed Richard Mitchell 1/10/2022
Ranch JAH Autumn Fayre 37 - (Champions) Veronica Sheidt Best in Breed
(3 GC pts)
Florencio Rogers 1/11/2022
Jimbos Pad Tournament 13 - (Champions) Maret Gentile Best in Breed
(1 GC pts)
Lorene Moore 1/12/2022
Jimbos Pad Tournament 14 - (Champions) Robert Pouk Best in Show
(3 GC pts)
Jesus Russell 1/13/2022
Good Better Best All Breed 66 - (Champions) Ellen Schroeder Best in Show
(1 GC pts)
William Hernandez 1/14/2022
Hamos Hounds The Festival 23 - (Champions) Roxanne Leatherwood Best in Group
(1 GC pts)
Donald Bennett 1/15/2022
TSR The Jest 24 - (Champions) Annee Lino 2nd in Show
(1 GC pts)
Laurence Nielson 1/16/2022
Good Better Best All Breed 67
(Current Entries)
Flozell Tucker Scott Jackson 1/17/2022
Ranch JAH Autumn Fayre 38
(Current Entries)
Julie Patton Saul Martinez 1/18/2022
Hamos Hounds The Festival 25
(Current Entries)
Roxanne Leatherwood Rose Clark 1/19/2022
Jimbos Pad Tournament 17
(Current Entries)
Flozell Tucker Kevin Taylor 1/20/2022
Hamos Hounds The Festival 26
(Current Entries)
Owner George Hunter 1/21/2022
January 2022 Gordon Setter Nationals
(Current Entries)
Owner Joseph Cambell 1/21/2022
GaylanStudio2 All Breed 22-01-24
(Current Entries)
Robert Pouk Gloria Driscoll 1/24/2022
TSR The Jest 28
(Current Entries)
Roxanne Leatherwood Patricia Allen 1/25/2022
GaylanStudio2 All Breed 22-01-27
(Current Entries)
Roxanne Leatherwood Carlos Stewart 1/27/2022
Jimbos Pad Tournament 21
(Current Entries)
Julie Patton Amanda Young 1/30/2022

Entries that resulted in less than Best in Breed are deleted after two months.

**Show dates for entries are updated once per hour.  If the dates for some of your entries show up as N/A please check back in an hour or two.

Did you know?
In the United Kingdom, the international championship show Crufts was first held in 1891.