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Author Topic : Some help ?
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I just made an account on this and I will be getting a premium account but I need some help , anybody pm me please ?
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Hello and welcome to ShowDog

Whats the question?
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4/27/2017 5:20:21 PM reply with quote send message to Lap of Luxury Object to Post

Hi, if you read the Show Dogs beginners guide, on this thread, there is everything you need to know but..
First choose your breed, link to all the breeds on bottom left of every page. Stick to one breed to begin with. Look at the number of the genetic quality (on each dogs page) to see how good they are. Compare with the qenetic quality number of the dogs that are winning shows now and try and buy dogs close to those numbers.

To begin with choose a breed that is in the middle of the breeds page, one that has 3-6/7 active kennels. The competition may not be so tough.I would buy 2 dogs and 3 bitches. You may have to buy newborn puppies as the quality of new generations increases all the time and older mediocre ones won't be successful at shows.
If you are more interested in breeding g than showing you might be able to get a good brood bitch thst a breeder has finished with. See how good her previous puppies are first. Make sure the COI of the breeding is under 15%...ideally around 5-10%, though could be 0% or 14%.
Good luck
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2/16/2018 6:57:52 PM reply with quote send message to Gone Viral Object to Post

OK this answered one of my questions concerning the mid range dogs.

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