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Author Topic : Pigment and Tail
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Hey everyone! I just purchased a puppy Bernese Mountain Dog (for show) and had a couple questions about him.

First, he has pink BELOW his nose. At what age does it stop filling in? He's only 9 weeks so I am not worried about it yet but he looks kind of silly with half of it filled in. Is there anything I can do to ensure in comes in?

Secondly, he carries his tail over his back sometimes.... he is a breed that is supposed to carry the tail straight out. I know puppies go through a stage where they carry their tails funny but at what age will his tail finally settle?

I know genetics has a huge part in both of these, but neither of the parents have either of these problems so i'm probably just worrying about nothing. Just wondering if anyone had any insight on these things.

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If you bought this puppy as a potential show dog, I'm hoping you're still in contact with the breeder? That's going to be your best bet to answer these questions.

In my experience, the nose should fill in. Nothing you need to do, it will happen on it's own. Unsure about the tail though. Does he carry it high all the time? Or just when excited? That will tell you a lot.
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I have seen a few pups with small amounts of pink on the nose, especially with the ones that have a lot of white on the face, it has usually come right if there is not much. Puppies of all breeds do carry their tails high, the important part is the actual tail set - where the tail meets the croup, if this is correct then the tail carriage should be correct as an adult. Though really confident dogs are sometimes inclined to 'fly' their tales when in a ring full of other stud dogs!

Good luck with the new pup and his career!

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