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Author Topic : How do judges choose?
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How do the judges choose rankings in the shows on here? Does SOP and COI% have much to do with it? I read the judges info card an see kind of what the judge likes, but how much does that have to do with judging?
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We do not know exactly what "judges" see. It's been speculated that they "see" more detail than we do but how much is not certain but it's pretty obvious that not all 10.0's are created equal. We speculate that there are additional decimals that we do not see - they are rounded.

Exactly how the judges preferences work is again just speculation. My guess is that there is a system of bonuses applied after the basic conformation numbers are evaluated. For example, if the judge favours bitches over dogs, my bitch gets an extra + bonus. Based on handler I get additional +'s, or -'s depending on how skilled my handler is and how much the judge favours them. Likewise for all the conditioning and training factors and judges priorities (head high vs low).

All these unknown specifics produce the variable results that cause the game to mimic real life.

This is just guesswork on my part and the other longer term players - it is not known fact so we could be wrong!

Replies in this thread : 1

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