Champions Bred

The following is a list of all 17 champions bred by Amytis. 

Name Birthdate Date Finished Breed Current Owner
Amytis Schaukelndes Mädchen 1/7/2018 2/14/2018 Cane Corso Amytis
Amytis Ein Bisschen Nördlich 1/7/2018 2/7/2018 Swedish Vallhund VikingDog
Amytis Ihre Welt 11/24/2017 2/6/2018 Cane Corso Amytis
Amytis Alle Meine Mädchen 1/7/2018 2/3/2018 Swedish Vallhund Loving Family
Amytis Zurückkehrende König 12/12/2017 1/30/2018 Swedish Vallhund Loving Family
Amytis Streitaxt 12/7/2017 1/21/2018 Cane Corso Amytis
Amytis Sohn Des Krieges 11/24/2017 1/15/2018 Cane Corso Loving Family
Amytis Goldmädchen 11/30/2017 1/15/2018 Swedish Vallhund VikingDog
Amytis Geisterbündnis 11/11/2017 1/10/2018 Cane Corso Loving Family
Amytis Frau Des Kalvarienbergs 12/3/2017 1/8/2018 Cane Corso Amytis
Amytis Verlorene Dynastie 11/11/2017 1/5/2018 Cane Corso Amytis
Amytis Nördliche Träume 11/18/2017 1/4/2018 Swedish Vallhund SWISSBREEDS
Amytis Rückblenden 10/29/2017 12/23/2017 Cane Corso Amytis
Amytis Lila 10/14/2017 12/2/2017 Swedish Vallhund VikingDog
Amytis Gelbe Katze 10/14/2017 11/28/2017 Cane Corso Amytis
Amytis Nordblau 10/14/2017 11/23/2017 Swedish Vallhund Loving Family
Amytis Wild Ash 10/1/2017 11/22/2017 Mudi Amytis

Did you know?
The third obedience title is a UD, or "Utility Dog", which is earned through competition in the Utility obedience class