CH Amytis Ihre Dynastie (96.65) Cane Corso
CH Amytis Tochter Des Kriegs (96.70) Cane Corso
GCH CH Amytis Wild Ash (94.40) Mudi
CH Amytis Lila (96.55) Swedish Vallhund
Amytis Ihre Welt (96.95) Cane Corso
Amytis Kalvarienberg (96.80) Cane Corso
Amytis Kampf Königin (96.80) Cane Corso
Amytis Rückblenden (96.95) Cane Corso
Amytis Kleines Mädchen (96.35) Swedish Vallhund

CH Amytis Gelbe Katze (97.10) Cane Corso
GCH CH Amytis Wild Sun (94.35) Mudi
CH Amytis Nordblau (96.45) Swedish Vallhund
CH Northern All In (96.55) Swedish Vallhund
Amytis Sohn Des Krieges (96.90) Cane Corso
Amytis Verlorene Dynastie (97.00) Cane Corso
Amytis Alles Gold (96.40) Swedish Vallhund
Amytis Die Kleine Angst (96.45) Swedish Vallhund
Amytis Nördliche Träume (96.55) Swedish Vallhund
Amytis Sieben (96.50) Swedish Vallhund

By Adalfieri Lucio Alta Fortezza out of Amytis Rückblenden.
(2 days)
New Puppy #6 (Dog) Cane Corso
Amytis Visionen (Dog) Cane Corso
Amytis Visionen Der Zukunft (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Ch ESAN Rockin Memories out of Ch Amytis Tochter Des Kriegs.
(4 days)
Amytis Streitaxt (97.20) (Dog) Cane Corso
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Ch Amytis Gelbe Katze out of Amytis Kalvarienberg.
(8 days)
Amytis Frau Des Kalvarienbergs (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Ch Northern Darwin out of Amytis Handgreiflichkeiten.
(10 days)
Amytis Kämpfende Worte (96.40) (Bitch) Swedish Vallhund
By Ch Northern All In out of Amytis Kleines Mädchen.
(11 days)
Amytis Goldmädchen (96.65) (Dog) Swedish Vallhund

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CH Amytis Ihre Dynastie
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