Grand Champions Bred

The following is a list of all 94 grand champions bred by Grasslans**. 

Name Birthdate Date Finished Breed Current Owner
Kohl YouWillSmileOffAMemory 7/16/2018 9/4/2018 Whippet Grasslans**
Kohl What`sInYourHeart,Zombie 6/23/2018 9/1/2018 Whippet Grasslans**
Kohl Make It To The Moon 5/8/2018 7/22/2018 Old English Sheepdog Loving Family
Kohl Your Love Broke My Heart 5/8/2018 7/1/2018 Whippet Grasslans**
Kohl What`s InYourHead,Zombie 5/8/2018 7/22/2018 Whippet Lyrix Whippets
Kohl NYC Jazz 3/15/2018 7/6/2018 Border Collie Borealis Whippets
Kohl Just Don`t Leave Me 3/4/2018 5/3/2018 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl I TriedSoHardToEscapeYou 2/26/2018 5/3/2018 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl I Am AlwaysReady ForA War 2/6/2018 4/19/2018 Border Collie Loving Family
Kohl A Moonless Summer Night 12/6/2017 2/15/2018 Samoyed Grasslans**
Kohl Don`t Come Any Closer 12/17/2017 2/17/2018 Border Collie Loving Family
Kohl Sail WithMeInto The Dark 12/25/2017 2/10/2018 Collie Grasslans*
Kohl The Darkest Part Of Me 12/9/2017 1/31/2018 Whippet Grasslans**
Kohl I`m Back In Black 10/5/2017 12/27/2017 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl Fight For Your Dreams 10/5/2017 12/16/2017 Boxer Loving Family
Kohl An Oncoming Storm 10/5/2017 12/5/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl We Are Soldiers 8/15/2017 11/6/2017 Boxer Loving Family
Kohl While StarsWatch OverYou 8/28/2017 10/30/2017 Whippet Grasslans**
Kohl With Saints N Apparitions 8/15/2017 10/28/2017 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl Like A Storm We Don`t See 8/15/2017 10/23/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl Keep Your Wings 8/8/2017 10/9/2017 Whippet Grasslans
Kohl Storm Clouds In The Sky 8/8/2017 10/23/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl I Am Hell Bound 8/11/2017 10/3/2017 Saint Bernard Deceased
Kohl So Is ThisThe PriceOfLove 8/5/2017 10/25/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl And I Am The Raging Storm 8/2/2017 9/26/2017 Borzoi Grasslans
Kohl Shows In The Shadows 7/27/2017 9/27/2017 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl DreamThat`s BuiltTo Last 7/27/2017 11/7/2017 Boxer Loving Family
Kohl The Sky Begins To Fall 7/4/2017 8/16/2017 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl Another Moment Breaks 7/11/2017 9/18/2017 Boxer Deceased
Kohl All The Broken Glass 7/4/2017 8/13/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl The Darkness Of Day 6/29/2017 8/3/2017 Boxer Deceased
Kohl Won`t Give Up The Fight 6/29/2017 8/4/2017 Boxer Deceased
Kohl The City Is A Ghost 6/24/2017 10/10/2017 Boxer Deceased
Kohl The Shadow Side Of Me 6/22/2017 8/16/2017 Boxer Deceased
Kohl Darkness And Stop Lights 6/5/2017 9/28/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl Storm On The Coast 6/11/2017 7/20/2017 Whippet Grasslans**
Kohl Raven And A Zombie 6/9/2017 7/22/2017 Miniature Schnauzer Grasslans
Kohl Of Jewels And Gold 5/31/2017 8/8/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl I`ll Take My Heart Back 6/5/2017 7/15/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl Faded From The Winter 5/17/2017 7/23/2017 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl The Devil Never Sleeps 5/28/2017 7/3/2017 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl Hide From The Riot 5/31/2017 7/12/2017 Borzoi Deceased
Kohl This Won`t Last Forever 5/17/2017 8/4/2017 Boxer Loving Family
Kohl Got A Bulletproof Heart 5/22/2017 6/28/2017 Borzoi Deceased
Kohl Turn Glass Into Stars 5/10/2017 7/5/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl It`s Like We`re Enemies 5/5/2017 6/16/2017 Boxer Deceased
Kohl Never Forget You 4/17/2017 5/30/2017 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl SingingInTheDeadOfNight 4/17/2017 6/23/2017 Borzoi Deceased
Kohl So Stand Up 4/22/2017 5/29/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl GoodbyeWasAllThatWasLeft 4/17/2017 6/17/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl Memories And Keepsakes 4/17/2017 6/3/2017 Borzoi Deceased
Kohl Of Shadows And Darkness 4/6/2017 5/25/2017 Borzoi Deceased
Kohl The Night Descending 3/19/2017 6/4/2017 Whippet Deceased
Kohl A Storm Of Shadows 3/7/2017 5/7/2017 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl Wake From The Chaos 3/1/2017 4/26/2017 Borzoi Deceased
Kohl The Invisible Man 3/7/2017 5/14/2017 Boxer Deceased
Kohl Shadow Box Of Memories 2/24/2017 5/21/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl Boy With A Coin 2/5/2017 4/18/2017 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl Shadow Of The Setting Sun 2/5/2017 4/7/2017 Whippet Deceased
Kohl Welcome To The Nightlife 2/5/2017 4/18/2017 Chinese Crested Dog Loving Family
Kohl Ghost Of Our Dark History 1/15/2017 4/1/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl Last Moment Takeover 1/13/2017 3/5/2017 Whippet Deceased
Icequake Polaroid 1/5/2017 3/4/2017 Estrela Mountain Dog Loving Family
Kohl When We Said Goodbye 12/30/2016 4/5/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl Of Rust And Ruin 1/2/2017 4/1/2017 Borzoi Deceased
Kohl The Time To Leave Is Now 1/15/2017 4/9/2017 Estrela Mountain Dog Loving Family
Kohl Beyond The Rule Of A King 12/30/2016 2/27/2017 Siberian Husky Loving Family
Kohl The Memory Of Who I Was 12/19/2016 2/25/2017 Borzoi Deceased
Kohl Dont Say You Are Sorry 1/5/2017 3/18/2017 Boxer Loving Family
Kohl Mark My Words 12/30/2016 3/8/2017 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl Shadows Under The Sun 12/16/2016 1/21/2017 Whippet Deceased
Kohl Remember The Moment 11/17/2016 3/14/2017 Borzoi Deceased
Kohl Clash Of Titans 11/24/2016 1/19/2017 Borzoi Loving Family
Kohl New Target Takeover 11/19/2016 1/15/2017 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl Time To Hit The Town 11/19/2016 1/19/2017 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl Welcome To A New Age 11/21/2016 1/4/2017 Estrela Mountain Dog Loving Family
Kohl Dark Side Of Our History 11/5/2016 1/2/2017 Borzoi Deceased
Kohl Ive Taken My Only Chance 11/17/2016 12/24/2016 Estrela Mountain Dog Loving Family
Kohl All The Broken Hearts 11/19/2016 12/25/2016 Boxer Loving Family
Kohl Nation Of Blue at Carados 11/5/2016 12/30/2016 Chinese Crested Dog Loving Family
Kohl Revolution Roulette 10/27/2016 1/11/2017 Whippet Loving Family
Kohl Of Monsters And Men 10/29/2016 12/11/2016 Estrela Mountain Dog Loving Family
Kohl Shadow Of What I Knew 11/5/2016 1/19/2017 Chinese Crested Dog Loving Family
Kohl The Hollow City 10/29/2016 12/19/2016 Estrela Mountain Dog Loving Family
Kohl Kingdom In The Cold 10/17/2016 12/26/2016 Estrela Mountain Dog Loving Family
Kohl The Fear Of Goodbye 9/16/2016 11/20/2016 Borzoi Deceased
Kohl All About The Memories 9/25/2016 12/1/2016 Borzoi Deceased
Kohl The Shadow Of A Nation 9/30/2016 12/9/2016 Chinese Crested Dog Loving Family
Kohl An Echo Of What Fire Was 9/13/2016 10/24/2016 Pharaoh Hound Loving Family
Kohl What If Youre Wrong 8/12/2016 10/28/2016 Bernese Mountain Dog Loving Family
Kohl Undertone Of A Grey Wolf 8/7/2016 11/6/2016 Estrela Mountain Dog Loving Family
Kohl Lost Alongside Of You 8/4/2016 10/7/2016 Estrela Mountain Dog Loving Family
Kohl Have You Seen The Sun 7/23/2016 8/30/2016 Estrela Mountain Dog Loving Family
Kohl Heres To A New Dawn 7/24/2016 10/25/2016 Borzoi Deceased

Did you know?
The two largest American dog shows after Westminster are the National Dog Show (which is televised on Thanksgiving Day by NBC, usually after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade) and the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.