CH Kohl Never In Line For Dreams (97.90 ** 6GP) English Foxhound
CH Kohl AndTonightIsMyAppraisal (95.75 ** 0GP) Italian Greyhound
CH Kohl Hey Look Ma, I Made It (96.05 ** 8GP) Italian Greyhound
CH Kohl EighteenAndLifeYouKnow (99.50 ** 5GP) Whippet
Kohl How Bold Are You American Foxhound
Kohl A Ticket To The World (*) English Foxhound
Kohl The OneThat Got Away English Foxhound
Kohl IDon`tKnowWhoIAmAnymore (*95.70 ** 9CP) Italian Greyhound
Kohl JustAnotherLegendTheySaid Italian Greyhound
Kohl LivingInASmallTown2Long Italian Greyhound
Kohl What If I Am A Legend Too Italian Greyhound
Kohl WishTheyWouldLeaveUsAlone Italian Greyhound
New Puppy #1 Italian Greyhound
Kohl BecauseIAmNeverComingHome (99.60 ** 10CP) Whippet
Kohl Can We Even Be Saved Whippet
Kohl GrayAreasAndExpectations (99.50 ** 10CP) Whippet
Kohl I Don`t Have ToFall Apart (99.50 ** 14CP) Whippet
Kohl InnocenceYoursToConsume (99.55 ** 7CP) Whippet
Kohl Just A Heart Of A Raven Whippet
Kohl No One Ever Comes Back Whippet
New Puppy #1 Whippet
New Puppy #1 Whippet
New Puppy #4 Whippet
New Puppy #4 Whippet
New Puppy #6 Whippet
New Puppy #7 Whippet

CH Did You Hear The Legend @ Kohl (95.95 ** 12GP) Italian Greyhound
CH Intrinsicc On Board (95.75 ** 0GP) Italian Greyhound
Kohl Magic Of The North Star English Foxhound
Kohl I CanSeeTheCityFromHere Italian Greyhound
Kohl I`m Not Fun Anymore Italian Greyhound
Kohl The Sun In Your Eyes Italian Greyhound
Kohl You Can`t Hide It Italian Greyhound
Kohl 98.50/99.55 Red Irish Whippet
Kohl 98.70/99.70 RB Irish. Whippet
Kohl 99.30 Blue IM. 9.9 Coat Whippet
Kohl IAmTheRiot. IAmTheFight Whippet
Kohl YouAreStrongerOnYourOwn Whippet
New Puppy #3 Whippet
New Puppy #4 Whippet
New Puppy #6 Whippet

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Kohl NeverSettle. MakeYourMark (Bronze GCH [1,457) Whippet
GCH CH Kohl Raven Take Me Away Whippet
GCH CH Kohl The Darkest Part Of Me (Bronze GCH [1,667) Whippet
GCH CH Kohl What`sInYourHeart,Zombie (Bronze GCH [3,197) Whippet
GCH CH Kohl Your Love Broke My Heart (Bronze GCH [3,392) Whippet
GCH CH Kohl YouWillSmileOffAMemory (Bronze GCH [1,575) Whippet
GCH CH SkyHaven City of Angels (Bronze GCH [2,148) Whippet
General Info
Prestige: 53.7 (#304)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 6/6/2016
Account Level: Basic
Last Visit: 1/19/2019
Community Rank: 119th
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