Grand Champions Bred

The following is a list of all 20 grand champions bred by Woodwinds. 

Name Birthdate Date Finished Breed Current Owner
Woodwinds Flash Flood 9/12/2018 12/11/2018 Wire Fox Terrier Woodwinds
Woodwinds Its A Ty 8/23/2018 11/4/2018 Samoyed Woodwinds
Girofro Aloysius Rocca 9/3/2018 11/1/2018 Borzoi Girofro
Woodwinds Victor 7/23/2018 10/17/2018 Borzoi Loving Family
Woodwinds Carmella Soprano 7/19/2018 9/10/2018 Italian Greyhound Loving Family
Woodwinds Oscar Surprise 3/5/2018 6/3/2018 Jack Russell Terrier Loving Family
Woodwinds Say Say Say 3/3/2018 5/30/2018 Belgian Sheepdog Loving Family
Woodwinds Turkey Bacon 1/24/2018 5/12/2018 Belgian Sheepdog Loving Family
Woodwinds Red Rover 1/19/2018 5/11/2018 American Cocker Spaniel Loving Family
Woodwinds Daytona Dreaming 2/12/2018 5/16/2018 Italian Greyhound Loving Family
Bombyx Difficult Questions 2/14/2018 4/22/2018 Redbone Coonhound Loving Family
RedWay heres Johnne 1/31/2018 4/5/2018 Redbone Coonhound Loving Family
Woodwinds Black Ice Queen 12/12/2017 4/2/2018 Siberian Husky Loving Family
Woodwinds Steals Your Heart 11/18/2017 3/6/2018 Redbone Coonhound Wyndcliff
Woodwinds Prince Of Rain 12/10/2017 3/17/2018 Afghan Hound Loving Family
Woodwinds Bobby Sox 12/18/2017 3/21/2018 Tibetan Terrier Loving Family
Woodwinds Big Top Barnum 11/6/2017 2/10/2018 Redbone Coonhound Loving Family
Woodwinds Black Cherry 11/11/2017 2/20/2018 Pomeranian Loving Family
Woodwinds Revolution Rebel 11/3/2017 1/25/2018 Pomeranian Loving Family
Woodwinds Rains of Castamere 10/28/2017 1/28/2018 Afghan Hound Loving Family

Did you know?
Since its centenary year in 1991, Crufts has officially been recognised as the world's largest and most prestigious dog show by the Guinness Book of Records, with a total of 22,973 dogs being exhibited that year.