Life is better on the beach with dogs.

CH Woodwinds Carmella Soprano (Carmella 95.85 **) Italian Greyhound
Woodwinds Anastasia (Ana 99.85**) Borzoi
Woodwinds Isabella (Bella 99.70*) Borzoi
Woodwinds Nikita (Nikita 99.70 *) Borzoi
Woodwinds Oxana Baull (Oxana 99.70*) Borzoi
Woodwinds Zara at Sea (Zara 99.60*) Borzoi
Khabbs Countess (Countess 99.75*) German Shepherd Dog
Landrys Bewitched (She 99.70) German Shepherd Dog
Woodwinds Cocoa Bean (Cocoa 98.40 **) Labrador Retriever
Woodwinds Hot Fudge (Hottie 98.35) Labrador Retriever
Woodwinds Lemon Verbena (Verbena 86.25) Lowchen
Woodwinds Georgia Peach (98.25) Samoyed
Icekist Tri As I Might (Mimi 98.05) Wire Fox Terrier
Woodwinds Dairy Queen (Queen 98.15) Wire Fox Terrier

CH Woodwinds Frito Bandito (Frito 95.35**) Italian Greyhound
CH ESAN Hidden In The Night (Niters 98.45) Labrador Retriever
CH Kohl Midnight And A Good Book (98.40 ** 4CP) Samoyed
CH Icekist Lexington (Lex 98.15) Wire Fox Terrier
CDXWoodwinds Big Bang (Bang 98.70 *) Belgian Sheepdog
Woodwinds Boris (Boris 99.70*) Borzoi
Woodwinds Doc Zhivago (Doc 99.80 **) Borzoi
Woodwinds Victor (Victor 99.75**) Borzoi
Woodwinds Agoostus Gloop (Gloop 99.80*) German Shepherd Dog
Woodwinds Beethovan (Beethovan 99.80**) German Shepherd Dog
Woodwinds Alberto All Day (Al 95.20 *) Italian Greyhound
New Puppy #8 Labrador Retriever
Woodwinds Jasper Lee (Jasper 87.10 *) Lowchen
Woodwinds Boomer (92.55) Manchester Terrier
Woodwinds Jersey Devil (Devil 98.35 *) Samoyed
Woodwinds Montana Joe (Joe 98.25 *) Samoyed
Woodwinds Rock Star (98.30 *) Samoyed

By Ch Apison Up The Mountain out of Woodwinds Dairy Queen.
(0 days)
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Wire Fox Terrier
By Ch Icekist Lexington out of Icekist Tri As I Might.
(2 days)
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Wire Fox Terrier
By Woodwinds Butch out of Ch Woodwinds Lemon Lola.
(4 days)
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Lowchen
By Woodwinds Rock Star out of Woodwinds Hawaii Calls.
(6 days)
Woodwinds Carolina Cutie (Cutie 98.35**) (Bitch) Samoyed
By Ch ESAN Mr Bond out of Ch ESAN Sienna Brown.
(10 days)
Woodwinds Castaway (Cassie 98.45) (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
By Ch Picardy Reconnection out of Woodwinds Zara at Sea.
(10 days)
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Borzoi
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Borzoi

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