Life is better on the beach with dogs.

CH Woodwinds Black Cherry (Cherry 97.80) Pomeranian
CH Woodwinds Frosty (Frosty 99.50) Siberian Husky
CH Woodwinds Good Neighbor (Goody 95.90) Tibetan Terrier
Patchouli Sweet Cream (99.40) Afghan Hound
Woodwinds Candied Apples (Abby 97.45 *) American Cocker Spaniel
Woodwinds Candied Carrots (Candy) American Cocker Spaniel
Aramal Moon Dragon (Moon 98.40) Belgian Sheepdog
Intrinsicc Fiona (Fiona 94.55 *) Italian Greyhound
Woodwinds Martini (Martini 94.80 *) Italian Greyhound
Woodwinds North Wind (North 98.10 *) Jack Russell Terrier
Woodwinds Olympia (Oly 97.85) Pomeranian
Woodwinds Autumn Leaves (Autumn 94.95 *) Redbone Coonhound
Woodwinds Steals Your Heart (Heart 94.80) Redbone Coonhound
Woodwinds Black Ice Queen (Queenie 97.60 *) Siberian Husky
Woodwinds Blizzard (Lizzy 96.35) Tibetan Terrier

CH Woodwinds Skywalker (Luke 99.35) Afghan Hound
CH Woodwinds Leonardo (Leon) Italian Greyhound
GCH CH Woodwinds Big Top Barnum (Barnum 94.50) Redbone Coonhound
CH Woodwinds Bobby Sox (Sox 96.30 *) Tibetan Terrier
Woodwinds Black Moose (Moose 97.40 *) American Cocker Spaniel
Woodwinds Red Rover (Rover 97.55 *) American Cocker Spaniel
Woodwinds Turkey Bacon (Turkey 98.60 *) Belgian Sheepdog
Woodwinds Papa Gino (Gino 94.20) Italian Greyhound
Halcyon Storm (97.9/20 *) Jack Russell Terrier
Woodwinds Follow Me Boys (Fred 97.85) Jack Russell Terrier
Woodwinds Huckleberry (Huck 94.90 *) Redbone Coonhound
NLS Snow Moon (Moony 99.70 *) Siberian Husky
BarStar Angel With A Few Horns (*****) Tibetan Terrier

By Ch MHs Ghost Rider out of Woodwinds Wanna Have Fun.
(4 days)
New Puppy #4 (Dog) Jack Russell Terrier
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Jack Russell Terrier
By Woodwinds Papa Gino out of Intrinsicc Fiona.
(7 days)
Woodwinds Daytona Dreaming (Daytona 94.70 *) (Dog) Italian Greyhound
By Halcyon Storm out of Woodwinds North Wind.
(10 days)
Woodwinds Jack The Dragon (Jack 98.00 *) (Dog) Jack Russell Terrier
By Ch Lunatic Zeus out of Woodwinds Black Ice Queen.
(12 days)
Woodwinds Ice Cube (Ice 99.70 *) (Dog) Siberian Husky

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Woodwinds Rains of Castamere (Catlyn) Afghan Hound
GCH CH Kleenex Blue Glue (Blue) Pomeranian
GCH CH Narnias Talent (Sally 97.85) Pomeranian
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Aramal Moon Dragon
Due 2/19/2018 to Aramal Abducted
Woodwinds Autumn Leaves
Due 2/21/2018 to Woodwinds Big Top Barnum
CH Woodwinds Good Neighbor
Due 2/21/2018 to Collegedale In The Air
Woodwinds North Wind
Due 2/21/2018 to Halcyon Storm
Woodwinds Candied Carrots
Due 2/23/2018 to Woodwinds Black Moose
CH Woodwinds Frosty
Due 2/23/2018 to NLS Snow Moon
Woodwinds Black Ice Queen
Due 2/23/2018 to NLS Snow Moon