CH Kleenex Blue Vesta Border Collie
CH Kohl Man, She`s A Prom Queen Rottweiler
Kohl It Was The Haunting Hour Dalmatian
BarStar Eagle When She Flies Golden Retriever
New Puppy #7 Golden Retriever
BarStar ItStartedWithASpark Irish Wolfhound
New Puppy #1 Kerry Blue Terrier
BarStar Out Of The Blue Pomeranian
Kleenex Cakes Pomeranian
Kohl Let Me Be Your Hero Pomeranian
Kohl See The Sun Rise Sealyham Terrier
BarStar The Look of Love Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Kalyndas Just Plain Wild Standard Poodle

BarStar Sparks Will Fly Golden Retriever
Woodwinds Mister Blue Pomeranian

By Ch Kleenex Black Siren out of BarStar Bad at Love.
(3 days)
BarStar The Sirens Call (*****) (Bitch) English Springer Spaniel
By Ch Agamede Frozen Soul out of Ch Dream Castle Nautical Queen.
(4 days)
BarStar Poor Unfortunate Souls (*****) (Bitch) Siberian Husky
By Ch Jidokey Where`s The Party out of Ch Woodwinds Miss Priss.
(4 days)
BarStar KeepYourBlueLightOn (*****) (Bitch) Pomeranian
BarStar ThisIsLoveInRealLife (*****) (Dog) Pomeranian
By Ch ESAN Royal Ways out of Ch Residential Coin Flip.
(5 days)
BarStar Royal Coin Collection (*****) (Bitch) Newfoundland
By Seasmoke Silver Second out of Ch Residential Jump.
(7 days)
BarStar My Silver Lining (*****) (Bitch) Old English Sheepdog
By Ch GLXYs Cross of Iron out of Ch Solimar Shes Got Her Ticket.
(7 days)
BarStar Ticket To The Moon (*****) (Bitch) Great Dane
By GoldRivers Free Drinks At Bars out of Solimar-BarStar U Got It Bad.
(7 days)
New Puppy #2 (***) (Bitch) Golden Retriever
By Ch Festives Chaplin out of Ch GooseCreek Sweet Holiday.
(9 days)
BarStar Moving On A Holiday (*****) (Bitch) American Staffordshire Terrier

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Signed Up: 3/28/2006
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Dogs at Stud
Upcomming Litters
Kalyndas Just Plain Wild
Due 2/19/2018 to DreamTeam Heartbreaker
Kohl Let Me Be Your Hero
Due 2/19/2018 to Hazygate Silver and Gold
CH Kohl Man, She`s A Prom Queen
Due 2/21/2018 to Indigo Starrs Dark Shadows
CH Kleenex Blue Vesta
Due 2/21/2018 to Clay Creek Set Me On Fire
BarStar Out Of The Blue
Due 2/23/2018 to Kleenex Isastellar
Kleenex Cakes
Due 2/23/2018 to Kleenex Isastellar
BarStar ItStartedWithASpark
Due 2/23/2018 to Brynfox More Feet
BarStar The Look of Love
Due 2/23/2018 to Dazzln Like My Odds (s)
Kohl It Was The Haunting Hour
Due 2/24/2018 to Little Rascals Red Be Bopp