Dalmatian Breed Information

Showdog.com Breed Since Sunday, June 01, 2003
Breeders Dogs Entries Litter Size Lifespan* National
19 235 505 5.5 14 15

Schedule of Points

Sex 1 2 3 4 5
Dogs 2 3 4 5 6
Bitches 2 3 4 5 6

Top Kennels in Breed

Rank Username Contact Last Visit
1 Celebre send a message to Celebresend message 45 minutes ago
2 Painted Dog Kennels send a message to Painted Dog Kennelssend message 13 hours ago
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Breed Scale of Points

Trait Importance
Head 10
Forequarter 5
Hindquarter 5
Gait 15
Top Neck and Back 10
Coat 20
Size 10
Feet 5
General 20
Breed Colors
White & Black 75%
White & Liver Brown 25%

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Lifespan refers to the earliest age (in months) that Dalmatian dogs can die on Showdog.com
"General" Factor
The "General" factor takes into account such things as show shine and temperament in addition to the other genetic traits.
Did you know?
A specialty show is a dog show which reviews a single breed, unlike other dog shows, particularly conformation shows, which are generally referred to as "all-breed" because they are open to all breeds recognized by the sponsoring kennel club.