Berry Brits

Welcome to my kennel! Here I breed Berry Brittanys. happy :) In real life I live in CA and own an adorable Brittany pup, so if you ever want puppy pictures or just to chat feel free to PM me anytime!

Brittanys - Prefix "Berry"
I have two lines of Brittanys at the moment, one source line focused on breeding tri-colors and one current SOP line. happy :) Both are largely made possible by the amazing start Rivacre provided me with. At the moment I'm getting a good few group placements and hope to continue to see success in the show ring with my Britts! All my studs will be up at $25 when they're old enough, and any newcomers to the breed are welcome to hit me up for some broods and foundation stock. laugh :D

Current Studs
Berry Captive Audience - 95.50 SOP
Berry Trial by Fire - 95.55 SOP
Berry Curtain Call - 95.70 SOP
Berry Lightning and Thunder - 95.75 SOP
Berry Blade of the Exile - 12.15 SOP, tri-color

Other Kennels
Blazing Fury - Norwegian Elkhounds & Schipperke
Myths - Pumik & Thai Ridgebacks
Red Stars Kennel - Black Russian Terriers
Berry Kennels - Basic

(Thank you to Nefarious Kennels for the banner!)

GCH CH Berry Cosmic Binding (95.70) Brittany
CH Berry Flash Forward (95.75) Brittany
CH Berry Pegasus Flight (95.80) Brittany
CH Berry Pumpkin Pie (95.70) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Rising Phoenix (96.00) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Rolling Thunder (95.90) Brittany
CH Berry Winds of War (95.50/95.85) Brittany
Berry Angry Spirits (14.30 tri) Brittany
Berry Apple Pie (95.20/96.00) Brittany
Berry Day Becomes Night (95.55) Brittany
Berry Freedom Flight (95.85) Brittany
Berry Looking to Shine (95.60) Brittany
Berry Playing a Game (95.75) Brittany
Berry Rocket Ship (95.55) Brittany
Berry Spirit Fire (95.70) Brittany
Berry Unfortunate Events (95.30/96.15) Brittany
Berry Wind Chimes (95.65) Brittany

GCH CH Berry Captive Audience (95.50) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Curtain Call (95.70) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Lightning and Thunder (95.75) Brittany
CH Berry On Your Side (95.75) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Thunder Clap (95.75) Brittany
CH Berry Trial by Fire (95.55) Brittany
Berry Blade of the Exile (12.15 tri) Brittany
Berry Day and Night (95.80/95.90) Brittany
Berry Painting the Wind (95.90) Brittany
Berry Stars Are Out (95.70) Brittany
Berry The Cosmos (95.80) Brittany

By Ch Berry Trial by Fire out of Berry Angry Spirits.
(0 days)
Berry Fire Spirit (27.25 tri carry) (Dog) Brittany
By Ch Rivacre Chasing Dreams out of Berry Freedom Flight.
(1 days)
Berry Walking On Sunshine (96.15) (Dog) Brittany
By Ch Berry Curtain Call out of Berry Cold Blooded.
(2 days)
Berry Opening Act (95.70) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Rivacre Tigger out of Ch Rivacre Bala.
(2 days)
Rivacre Berry Picking (95.80) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Rivacre Cell Block Tango out of Ch Berry Rising Phoenix.
(5 days)
Berry Topsy Turvy (96.15) (Dog) Brittany
New Puppy #4 (95.75) (Bitch) Brittany
New Puppy #1 (95.85) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Rivacre A Little Bit of Good out of Ch Berry Tempered Fate.
(5 days)
Berry Twist of Fate (96.10) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Rivacre Theon out of Ch Berry Winds of War.
(5 days)
Berry Summer Winds (95.80) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Rivacre Mr Cellophane out of Ch Berry Cosmic Binding.
(6 days)
Berry Cosmic Reaches (95.90) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Berry Fantastic Beasts out of Berry Wind Chimes.
(6 days)
Berry Two to Tango (96.05) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Rivacre Cell Block Tango out of Berry Apple Pie.
(7 days)
Berry Apple Tree (95.75) (Bitch) Brittany
New Puppy #2 (95.75/95.90) (Dog) Brittany
By Ch Rivacre Cell Block Tango out of Ch Berry Flash Forward.
(7 days)
New Puppy #3 (95.85) (Bitch) Brittany
By Jonagold Korbel out of Berry Angry Spirits.
(12 days)
Berry Rising Anger (8.85) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Berry Thunder Clap out of Berry Rocket Ship.
(12 days)
Berry Speed of Sound (95.95) (Bitch) Brittany

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Berry Rocket Grab (95.40) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Tempered Fate (95.45) Brittany
GCH CH Rivacre PyeongChang (94.95) Brittany
General Info
Prestige: 76.1 (#141)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 3/18/2018
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 7/16/2018
Community Rank: 1st
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Upcomming Litters
Berry Apple Pie
Due 7/20/2018 to Rivacre Its Magic
CH Berry Pumpkin Pie
Due 7/20/2018 to Berry Fantastic Beasts
CH Berry Flash Forward
Due 7/20/2018 to Berry Curtain Call