Berry Brits

Welcome to my kennel! Here I breed Berry Brittanys. happy :) In real life I live in CA and own an adorable Brittany pup, so if you ever want puppy pictures or just to chat feel free to PM me anytime!

Brittanys - Prefix "Berry"
All my studs are provided at $25 and all sales are listed at $100 no approval unless the dogs are reserved for somebody! I am always happy to help newcomers to the breed so if you're interested in Brittanys drop me a PM anytime. laugh :D

Current Studs
Berry Summertime Sadness - 96.20 SOP
Berry Winter Wonderland - 96.15 SOP
Berry Topsy Turvy - 96.15 SOP
Berry Walking On Sunshine - 96.15 SOP
Berry Spring Water - 96.15 SOP
Berry Crystal Geyser - 96.15 SOP
Berry Sky Diving - 96.10 SOP
Berry Painting the Wind - 95.90 SOP
Berry Storm Surge - 96.65 SOP
Berry Forest Phantom - 96.25 SOP
Berry Immortals - 96.15 SOP
Berry Phoenix Flames - 96.10 SOP

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Berry Kennels - Basic

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GCH CH Prism Berries Galore (96.30) Azawakh
GCH CH Berry Fairy Wings (96.20/96.35) Brittany
CH Berry Juliet (96.20) Brittany
CH Berry Paradise Falls (96.00) Brittany
CH Berry Rough Seas (96.15) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Twist of Fate (96.10) Brittany
Berry A Storm is Coming (96.75) Brittany
Berry Abandon Ship (96.10) Brittany
Berry Bronze (96.10/96.15) Brittany
Berry Category Five (96.45) Brittany
Berry Dragon Breath (96.15) Brittany
Berry Gold (96.30) Brittany
Berry Lady Macbeth (96.15) Brittany
Berry Pixie Dust (96.10) Brittany
Berry Seashell (96.30) Brittany
Berry Silver (96.15) Brittany
Berry Viking Ship (96.25) Brittany

GCH CH Berry Forest Phantom (96.25) Brittany
CH Berry Hamlet (96.20) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Spring Water (96.15) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Storm Surge (96.65) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Summertime Sadness (96.20) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Topsy Turvy (96.15) Brittany
Berry Banshee Breath (96.30) Brittany
Berry Blunt Force (96.50) Brittany
Berry Chasing Shadows (96.50) Brittany
Berry Deep Sea (96.20) Brittany
Berry Light Speed (96.35) Brittany
Berry Macbeth (96.30/96.35) Brittany
Berry Othello (96.30) Brittany
Berry Romeo (96.25) Brittany
Berry Sunken Treasure (96.20) Brittany
Berry Tsunami Waves (96.20) Brittany

None at this time.

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Berry Cosmic Binding (95.70) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Curtain Call (95.70) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Lightning and Thunder (95.75) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Midnight Breeze (95.90) Brittany
GCH CH Berry On Your Side (95.75) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Painting the Wind (95.90) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Rising Phoenix (96.00) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Rocket Grab (95.40) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Rolling Thunder (95.90) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Saturn Storms (95.90) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Tempered Fate (95.45) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Thunder Clap (95.75) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Walking On Sunshine (96.15) Brittany
CH Berry Winds of War (95.50/95.85) Brittany
GCH CH Rivacre PyeongChang (94.95) Brittany
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