Berry Brits

Welcome to my kennel! Here I breed Berry Brittanys. happy :) In real life I live in CA and own an adorable Brittany pup, so if you ever want puppy pictures or just to chat feel free to PM me anytime!

Brittanys - Prefix "Berry"
All my studs are provided at $25 and all sales are listed at $100 no approval unless the dogs are reserved for somebody! I am always happy to help newcomers to the breed so if you're interested in Brittanys drop me a PM anytime. laugh :D

Current Studs
Berry Shoot the Moon - 97.05
Shoal River Cosmic Silk - 97.05
Berry King of Hearts - 97.05
Berry Leap Frog - 97.05
Berry Great Leap - 97.05

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CH Berry Blue Moon (97.15) Brittany
CH Berry Crying Moons (97.15) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Gods and Monsters (97.30) Brittany
CH Berry Queen of Spades (97.20) Brittany
CH Berry Walk the Moon (97.00) Brittany
CH Rivacre Summertime Sadness (97.10) Brittany
Aramal Ebony Night (97.20) Brittany
Berry Cold Stone (96.95) Brittany
Berry Cosmic Lover (97.05) Brittany
Berry Feeling Again (96.90) Brittany
Berry Hello Sunshine (97.05) Brittany
Berry Hollow Coves (96.80) Brittany
Berry Later Days (97.05) Brittany
Berry Leaps and Bounds (97.05) Brittany
Berry Mango Tea (97.00) Brittany
Berry Oh No (96.95) Brittany
Berry Temperate Night (97.25) Brittany
Berry Winter Storms (97.00) Brittany

CH Berry Great Leap (97.05) Brittany
CH Berry King of Hearts (97.00) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Shoot the Moon (97.05) Brittany
CH Berry Summer Fruit (97.10) Brittany
GCH CH Shoal River Cosmic Silk (97.05) Brittany
Berry Leap Frog (97.05) Brittany

By Ch Rivacre Breaking Bad out of Berry Leaps and Bounds.
(3 days)
Berry Superman (97.35) (Dog) Brittany
Berry Lightning Strike (97.15) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Rivacre Knights of Cydonia out of Ch Berry Queen of Spades.
(3 days)
Berry Bonnie and Clyde (97.20) (Bitch) Brittany
Berry Rushing Waters (97.20) (Dog) Brittany
By Ch Rivacre Knights of Cydonia out of Aramal Ebony Night.
(3 days)
Berry Batman (97.30) (Dog) Brittany
Berry Smooth Criminal (97.25) (Bitch) Brittany
Berry Double Trouble (97.15) (Bitch) Brittany
Berry Stormy Nights (97.20) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Shoal River Cosmic Silk out of Berry Mango Tea.
(3 days)
New Puppy #8 (97.05) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Berry Summer Fruit out of Ch Berry Crying Moons.
(3 days)
New Puppy #7 (97.05) (Bitch) Brittany
New Puppy #6 (97.05) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Berry Summer Fruit out of Berry Taro Tea.
(6 days)
Berry Sunny Skies (97.05) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Berry Great Leap out of Apple Grove at Decoys.
(8 days)
New Puppy #2 (97.05) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Berry Shoot the Moon out of Ch Berry Walk the Moon.
(11 days)
Berry My Imagination (97.15) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Rivacre Moderation out of Ch Berry Gods and Monsters.
(11 days)
Berry Tempest Calls (97.15) (Dog) Brittany

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Berry On Your Side (95.75) Brittany
CH Berry Queen of Diamonds (96.90) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Storm Surge (96.65) Brittany
GCH CH Berry Topsy Turvy (96.15) Brittany
GCH CH Rivacre Someone You Loved (97.00) Brittany
General Info
Prestige: 69.3 (#128)
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Signed Up: 3/18/2018
Account Level: Standard
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Community Rank: 1st
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Upcomming Litters
GCH CH Berry Gods and Monsters
Due 9/17/2019 to Rivacre Knights of Cydonia
CH Rivacre Summertime Sadness
Due 9/18/2019 to Berry Great Leap
CH Berry Walk the Moon
Due 9/18/2019 to Shoal River Cosmic Silk
Berry Cold Stone
Due 9/20/2019 to Rivacre Breaking Bad
Berry Hollow Coves
Due 9/20/2019 to Rivacre Bennie and the Jets