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General Information
As is probably evident by the name, I'm a Brittany breeder. :3 I'm soon going to welcome an irl Brittany puppy to the family so prepare for a lot of puppy pictures! I love to chat and I also make somewhat decent banners, so if you want a banner or want to talk send me a PM. c:

At the moment, I have two Brittany lines: one line of source dogs, and another that consists mainly of dogs from Rivacre since I haven’t established a line myself yet. I also have random other breeds with higher SOPs because I’m trying to learn how showing works here. I won’t be breeding any breeds other than Britts (for now) but any other dogs I’m showing will be up for stud at $50.

All pups are named after League of Legend stuff because the champions and abilities tend to have cool-sounding names. XD I also like to do themed litters if I keep more than one pup per litter, so having champion abilities for litters is actually really convenient!

All my Brittany studs are $25
All other breed studs are listed at $50

Current Brittany Studs
Berry Steel Tempest - 15.05 SOP, Source Dog

Current Other Studs
ESAN Agent 007 - 98.50 SOP, Labrador Retriever

All puppies will be listed at $100 no approval

Current Sales
None at this time

(Thanks to Nefarious Kennels for the banner!)

CH Berry Cosmic Binding (95.70) Brittany
GCH CH Rivacre PyeongChang (94.95) Brittany
CH Rivacre Sarajevo (2-0-1) Brittany
CH Fantazee Grayella (27.70) Pumi
CH Foxfire Down to You (37.50) Pumi
Berry Caretakers Shrine (95.25) Brittany
Berry Searing Charge (16.90) Brittany
Berry Sweeping Blade (16.65 tri) Brittany
Berry Tempered Fate (95.45) Brittany
Berry Volcanic Rupture (95.20) Brittany
Berry Wind Wall (5.80 tri) Brittany
RosesAndValentineLetters @Kohl (95.05) Brittany
Fantazee Fawn Fenella (Fenella) Pumi
Fantazee Snow Sparkle (Sparkle) Pumi
Foxfire A Quiet Place (49.70) Pumi
Foxfire Lady Bird (38.15) Pumi

GCH CH ESAN Agent 007 (98.50) Labrador Retriever
Berry Steel Tempest (15.05 tri) Brittany

By Ch Rivacre Beast from the East out of Ch Rivacre PyeongChang.
(0 days)
Berry Shepherd of Souls (95.10) (Bitch) Brittany
Berry Eulogy of the Isles (95.15/95.30) (Bitch) Brittany
By JPumi Time To Believe out of AirWolf Fawn 15947406.
(2 days)
JPumi Those White Lies (89.40) (Dog) Pumi
By JPumi **Black Numbers** out of AirWolf Black 15947400.
(2 days)
JPumi Night Watchman (89.15) (Dog) Pumi
By JPumi **Black Numbers** out of JPumi **Snow Fantasy**.
(2 days)
JPumi Pure Fantasy (89.40) (Bitch) Pumi
By Ch Rivacre Supersonic out of Ch Rivacre Sarajevo.
(6 days)
Berry Blade*s End (95.00) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Rivacre I wanna hold your hand out of Berry Sweeping Blade.
(6 days)
Berry Noxian Diplomacy (28.00 tri carry) (Bitch) Brittany
Berry Assassin*s Path (26.15 tri carry) (Dog) Brittany
By Berry Steel Tempest out of Berry Wind Wall.
(6 days)
Berry Shadow Assault (5.75 tri) (Dog) Brittany
Berry Volley of Daggers (5.65 tri) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Rivacre Lillehammer out of RosesAndValentineLetters @Kohl.
(6 days)
Berry Rocket Grab (95.40) (Bitch) Brittany
By Ch Rivacre Beast from the East out of Ch Rivacre PyeongChang.
(12 days)
Berry Frost Shot (95.10) (Bitch) Brittany
By Berry Steel Tempest out of Berry Last Breath.
(12 days)
Berry Lucent Singularity (4.40 tri) (Bitch) Brittany
Berry Final Spark (4.00 tri) (Bitch) Brittany

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
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Upcomming Litters
CH Foxfire Down to You
Due 4/19/2018 to Fantazee Jet Away
CH Fantazee Grayella
Due 4/19/2018 to FFK Fire in the Sky
Foxfire Lady Bird
Due 4/20/2018 to JPumi **Snow Day**
Fantazee Fawn Fenella
Due 4/21/2018 to FFK Fire in the Sky
Fantazee Snow Sparkle
Due 4/21/2018 to FFK Fire in the Sky