Proud breeder and show career manager of:

#1 GCH of all breeds
GCH UD ESAN Cedarwoods
Labrador Retriever
779 Grand Points, 162 BOB, 76 BISS

#1 GCH of all times Siberian Husky
GCH ESAN Northrunner

#1 GCH of all times Cane Corso
GCH ESAN Blue Tiger

#3 GCH of all times Dobermann
GCH ESAN Solar Explosion

27xBIS winner Newfoundland
GCH ESAN Royal Descendent

25xBIS winner Great Dane
GCH ESAN Kollossus

19xBIS winner Borzoi
GCH ESAN Pushkin

CH ESAN Primadonna Borzoi
CH Kleenex Simini (99.45) Borzoi
CH ESAN Blue Dreamgirl (-97.05) Cane Corso
CH ESAN Night Power Cane Corso
CH ESAN Rock n Roll (NBISS Sep) Cane Corso
GCH CH ESAN Court Of Justice (BISx9 NBISS) Caucasian Mountain Dog
GCH CH ESAN Devils Diamond (show exclusive) Doberman Pinscher
CH ESAN Show Me The Prize Great Dane
GCH CH ESAN Secret Angel (BISx7) Labrador Retriever
CH ESAN Secret Party (NBISS Nov) Labrador Retriever
CH ESAN Royal Shine (T, G, TNB) Newfoundland
ESAN Daddys Girl Borzoi
ESAN Sterling Silver (-99.45 H10) Borzoi
ESAN HSs Tease Me Baby Great Dane
ESAN Insomnia (100) Great Dane
ESAN Miracle Baby Great Dane
ESAN Monalisa Labrador Retriever
ESAN Royal Love (G TNB) Newfoundland
Wolf• The Way I Love (HQ TNB) Newfoundland

GCH CH ESAN Blue Tiger (NBISS Oct) Cane Corso
CH ESAN The Jeweller Doberman Pinscher
GCH CH ESAN Himeros (BIS NBISS) Great Dane
GCH CH ESAN Zeus (100) Great Dane
GCH CH ESAN Royal Obsession (BISx7) Newfoundland
ESAN The Wizard Of Atlantis Borzoi
ESAN Rockin Memories Cane Corso
HSs Special for ESAN Cane Corso
ESAN Secret Conspiracy Labrador Retriever
ESAN Richard (T, G, TNB) Newfoundland
ESAN Royal Ways (Hq G TNB) Newfoundland

By Ch Wolf• The Last Mohican out of Ch ESAN Secret Party.
(0 days)
New Puppy #7 (Dog) Labrador Retriever
New Puppy #6 (Dog) Labrador Retriever
New Puppy #5 (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Labrador Retriever
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Labrador Retriever
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Labrador Retriever
By Ch ESAN Royal Obsession out of Ch ESAN Royal Shine.
(0 days)
ESAN Royal Flower (Bitch) Newfoundland
ESAN Royal Prince (T G TNB) (Dog) Newfoundland
ESAN Royal K9 (Dog) Newfoundland
ESAN Royal Rose (Bitch) Newfoundland
By ESAN Richard out of Wolf• The Way I Love.
(0 days)
ESAN King Style (T G TNB) (Dog) Newfoundland
ESAN Rich Love (T HQ G TNB) (Dog) Newfoundland
ESAN Queen Style (Bitch) Newfoundland
By Ch Kohl Midnight Express out of Ch ESAN Primadonna.
(3 days)
ESAN Primadonna Girl (-99.50) (Bitch) Borzoi
By Ch ESAN Zeus out of ESAN Miracle Baby.
(7 days)
ESAN Himera (Bitch) Great Dane
By VB College Ranger out of ESAN Raw Diamond.
(7 days)
ESAN Black Diamond (Bitch) Doberman Pinscher
ESAN Pure Diamond (Bitch) Doberman Pinscher
ESAN Shiny Diamond (Dog) Doberman Pinscher
By BlackRock RB Brock out of Ch ESAN Rock n Roll.
(9 days)
ESAN Rocky Red (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Ch ESAN Zeus out of Ch ESAN Show Me The Prize.
(10 days)
ESAN Excellence (100) (Dog) Great Dane
By Ch Far Away Pluto v. Wikeen out of Ch ESAN Secret Party.
(11 days)
ESAN FQ Secret (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
ESAN Far Away (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
ESAN Secret Way (show&see) (Dog) Labrador Retriever

Retirement Couch
GCH CH ESAN Pushkin (BISx19) Borzoi
GCH CH CDXESAN King for Life (Sillver GCH) Doberman Pinscher
GCH CH UDESAN Cedarwoods (Top GCH) Labrador Retriever
GCH CH ESAN Royal Descendent (BISx27) Newfoundland
General Info
Prestige: 99.6 (#3)
Location: Romania
Signed Up: 1/31/2010
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 11/17/2017
Community Rank: 2nd
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Upcomming Litters
CH Kleenex Simini
Due 11/18/2017 to Picardy Alchemist
GCH CH ESAN Devils Diamond
Due 11/19/2017 to ESAN The Jeweller
CH ESAN Rock n Roll
Due 11/20/2017 to ESAN Sea Power
ESAN Sterling Silver
Due 11/21/2017 to Picardy Alchemist
CH ESAN Show Me The Prize
Due 11/21/2017 to ESAN Zorro
GCH CH ESAN Court Of Justice
Due 11/21/2017 to Mamba Wicked Winter
ESAN Miracle Baby
Due 11/21/2017 to HNC2 Picturesque
CH ESAN Blue Dreamgirl
Due 11/22/2017 to Amytis Gelbe Katze