Especially proud of:

#2 GCH of all breeds
Platinum GCH UD ESAN Cedarwoods
Labrador Retriever
779 Grand Points, 162 BOB, 76 BISS

#1 GCH of all times Great Dane
Platinum GCH ESAN Zeus
618 Grand Points, 103 BOB, 45 BISS

#1 GCH of all times Cane Corso
Platinum GCH ESAN Blue Tiger

#1 GCH of all times Siberian Husky
Silver GCH ESAN Northrunner

#1 GCH of all times Newfoundland
Silver GCH ESAN Royal Elegance

#1 GCH of all times Caucasian Mountain Dog
Bronze GCH ESAN Court Of Justice

#1 GCH of all times Neapolitan Mastiff
Bronze GCH ESAN Giganto

#1 GCH of all times Norwegian Buhund
Bronze GCH ESAN Nightrunner

CH ESAN Eye of Horus Cane Corso
CH BarStar Tennessee Waltz (Show) Great Dane
CH ESAN Red Sparrow Labrador Retriever
GCH CH ESAN Sienna Brown (WBOB June) Labrador Retriever
ESAN Black Barbie (-97.6) Cane Corso
ESAN Bronx Diva Cane Corso
ESAN Deepest Black (size 9.8) Cane Corso
ESAN Fiercely Fawn (-97.55 G10.2) Cane Corso
ESAN Globe Trotter (10.2 gait) Cane Corso
ESAN Maraviglia Cane Corso
ESAN Miracolosa (-97.75) Cane Corso
ESAN Paranormal Activity (-97.20) Cane Corso
ESAN South Seas Cane Corso
KerryDane Pure Blue Cane Corso
ESAN Night of Angels Labrador Retriever
NLS Raiven Siberian Husky

CH ESAN Hell Tiger (size 10.2) Cane Corso
GCH CH ESAN Ken (BISS x5) Cane Corso
CH ESAN Mr Bond Labrador Retriever
GCH CH ESAN Nightrunner (Top GCH) Norwegian Buhund
ESAN Out Of Shine (-97.75) Cane Corso
ESAN Red Beast (97.90) Cane Corso
ESAN Nathaniel Nash Labrador Retriever

By Ch ESAN Mr Bond out of Ch ESAN Sienna Brown.
(3 days)
New Puppy #9 (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
New Puppy #6 (Dog) Labrador Retriever
New Puppy #3 (Dog) Labrador Retriever
By ESAN Out Of Shine out of ESAN Eye Catcher.
(3 days)
ESAN Blue Eyes (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Ch VB Beware Dracarys King out of Ch ESAN Scandinavian Summer.
(6 days)
ESAN Eastern Summer (*-99.60 ) (Bitch) Doberman Pinscher
By Ch Picardy Reconnection out of Ch Picardy Seven Seas.
(7 days)
Picardy Esania (Show) (Bitch) Borzoi
By Ch ESAN Hell Tiger out of ESAN Miracolosa.
(9 days)
ESAN Big Boy (-97.65 Size9.8) (Dog) Cane Corso
By Ch ESAN Hell Tiger out of ESAN Theodora.
(9 days)
ESAN Nanoparticle (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Mistaya Z6 Red 65.25 out of Mistaya L6 Fawn 61.35.
(9 days)
Mistaya 25 (FAWN) (Bitch) Cane Corso
By Ch NLS Snow Clouds out of NLS Lynda.
(10 days)
ESAN Agouti (Show) (Bitch) Siberian Husky
By Ch ESAN Ken out of ESAN Desert Dunes.
(10 days)
ESAN Skyla (Gait 10.2) (Bitch) Cane Corso

Retirement Couch
None at this time.
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Upcomming Litters
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Due 8/14/2018 to ESAN Hell Tiger
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Due 8/14/2018 to ESAN Gigabyte
ESAN Miracolosa
Due 8/17/2018 to ESAN Augustus
ESAN Maraviglia
Due 8/17/2018 to ESAN Hell Tiger