Breeder of the nr 3 Grand Champion of all times Dobermann
ESAN Solar Explosion

Breeder of the nr 1 Grand Champion of all times Siberian Husky
ESAN Northrunner

A little tip for the ones who bought a puppy from me and are planning to show it: session the dog at least 5 days once it reaches 20. And keep sessioning Show Obedience for its entire show career. Don't expect it to have amazing placements in the first week or two. A few of my most successful dogs started winning after days of showing, but never came second after that.
Also, don't assume only the highest SOPs of the breed will be the winners. With the right training and handlers, medium SOP dogs can have a brilliant show career. Believe in your dog!

If you're interested in a puppy/adult with particular characteristics (like color, SOP etc) you can message me and I'll reserve one for you as soon as I have one available. Otherwise I might send him directly to a forever home.

CH ESAN Straciatella (99.60) Australian Shepherd
CH ESAN Carpathia (96.80) Cane Corso
GCH CH ESAN Tiger Alliance (*BINS*) Cane Corso
CH ESAN Dopamine High Great Dane
CH ESAN Choco Delice (BIS) Labrador Retriever
CH ESAN Neroli (98.10) Labrador Retriever
CH ESAN Safraleine (BISx3) Labrador Retriever
CH Wolf Point Daisy (BIS) Labrador Retriever
GCH CH Wolf Point Majestique (BIS) Newfoundland
ESAN Natasha (99.30) Borzoi
ESAN Andromedah Great Dane
ESAN French Riviera (keep) Great Dane
ESAN Candygirl (-98.25) Labrador Retriever
ESAN Chocolate Noir (98.60) Newfoundland
ESAN Majestique (98.70) Newfoundland
ESAN Royal Allure (98.70) Newfoundland

CH ESAN Boris (BIS) Borzoi
CH ESAN Pushkin (BISx2) Borzoi
GCH CH ESAN Power in Black Cane Corso
GCH CH ESAN King for Life (BISS) Doberman Pinscher
CH ESAN Age of Empires (99.85) Great Dane
GCH CH ESAN Kollossus (BISx11) Great Dane
CH ESAN Candylover (98.25) Labrador Retriever
GCH CH ESAN Cedarwoods (BISSx27) Labrador Retriever
GCH CH Wolf Point Watercrazy (98.15) Labrador Retriever
GCH CH ESAN The Great Grey Newfoundland
GCH CH Wolf Point Regal (BINSx2 BISx2) Newfoundland
ESAN Sweet Life (98.95) Doberman Pinscher
ESAN Boistruous (98.10) Labrador Retriever
ESAN Royal Descendent (98.75) Newfoundland

By Ch Artesia Autograph out of Ch ESAN Safraleine.
(0 days)
New Puppy #6 (Dog) Labrador Retriever
By Ch ESAN The Great Grey out of Ch Wolf Point Majestique.
(4 days)
New Puppy #9 (Bitch) Newfoundland
By Ch Candy Crush HMS Triumph out of Wolf Point Salmoncatcher.
(6 days)
ESAN Triumphant (Dog) Labrador Retriever
By Ch Kohl Of Jewels And Gold out of ESAN Olga.
(6 days)
ESAN Galina (-99.40) (Bitch) Borzoi
ESAN Piotr Velikii (-99.45) (Dog) Borzoi
ESAN Maria (Bitch) Borzoi
By Ch ESAN Kollossus out of Ch ESAN Dopamine High.
(6 days)
ESAN Kalliope (99.85) (Bitch) Great Dane
ESAN Thetis (-99.90) (Bitch) Great Dane
ESAN Eross (-99.95 sz10 ft9) (Dog) Great Dane
By Ch Wolf Point Regal out of Ch ESAN Kalista.
(9 days)
New Puppy #9 (Dog) Newfoundland
By Ch ESAN King for Life out of VB Grand Champagne.
(9 days)
New Puppy #6 (Bitch) Doberman Pinscher
ESAN Blue Diamond (Bitch) Doberman Pinscher
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Doberman Pinscher
By Ch Wolf Point Watercrazy out of Ch ESAN Safraleine.
(11 days)
ESAN Coriander (98.20) (Dog) Labrador Retriever
ESAN Allegria (-98.30) (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
ESAN Terre-d-Hermes (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
By Ch ESAN King for Life out of ESAN Black Witch.
(12 days)
ESAN Red Witch (-98.95) (Bitch) Doberman Pinscher

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