#1 GCH of all breeds
GCH CD ESAN Cedarwoods
Labrador Retriever
774 Grand Points, 161 BOB, 76 BISS

#1 GCH of all times Siberian Husky
GCH ESAN Northrunner

#1 GCH of all times Cane Corso
GCH ESAN Power in Black

CH ESAN Meryl Streep (99.60) Australian Shepherd
GCH CH ESAN Straciatella (BISx6) Australian Shepherd
CH ESAN Primadonna (99.45) Borzoi
GCH CH ESAN Carpathia (BISSx5) Cane Corso
CH ESAN Diamond Illusion (99.10) Doberman Pinscher
CH ESAN French Charm (99.95) Great Dane
CH ESAN Scent of a Memory (BISx7) Labrador Retriever
GCH CH ESAN. Just A Secret (BIS BISSx2) Labrador Retriever
CH ESAN Victoria Newfoundland
ESAN Autumn Love (99.40) Borzoi
ESAN Rock n Roll (96.85) Cane Corso
ESAN Dreams Of Barbie (99.95 ft10) Great Dane
ESAN Miracle (99.95) Great Dane
Storybrook Black Angel (98.30) Labrador Retriever
Storybrook Fireworks (98.25) Labrador Retriever
ESAN Silver Shine Newfoundland

CH ESAN Brad Pitt Australian Shepherd
GCH CH ESAN Tom Hanks (BISx2) Australian Shepherd
GCH CH ESAN Pushkin (BISx15) Borzoi
CH ESAN Tsar (99.35) Borzoi
GCH CH ESAN Blue Tiger (96.80 blue br) Cane Corso
CH ESAN Darth Vader Reincarnated (96.55) Caucasian Mountain Dog
CH ESAN Himeros (99.95) Great Dane
GCH CH CDESAN Cedarwoods (Top GCH) Labrador Retriever
CH ESAN New Kid On The Block (98.25) Labrador Retriever
CH ESAN Secrets Keeper (98.25) Labrador Retriever
GCH CH ESAN Royal Descendent (BISx8) Newfoundland
ESAN Marvellous Labrador Retriever
ESAN Schogetten (98.25) Labrador Retriever
ESAN Centurion Newfoundland

By Ch ESAN Tom Hanks out of Ch ESAN Straciatella.
(0 days)
New Puppy #8 (Bitch) Australian Shepherd
ESAN Sleek Seduction (Bitch) Australian Shepherd
New Puppy #4 (Bitch) Australian Shepherd
By Ch ESAN Cedarwoods out of Ch ESAN. Just A Secret.
(0 days)
ESAN Jack (Dog) Labrador Retriever
By Ch BarbieDreams Of King out of Ch ESAN French Charm.
(0 days)
ESAN French Queen (Bitch) Great Dane
By Ch ESAN Secrets Keeper out of Storybrook Black Angel.
(0 days)
New Puppy #9 (Dog) Labrador Retriever
New Puppy #7 (Dog) Labrador Retriever
ESAN Black Secret (-98.35) (Dog) Labrador Retriever
ESAN Angels Secret (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
By Ch ESAN Secrets Keeper out of Storybrook Fireworks.
(0 days)
ESAN Secret of Fire (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
ESAN Secret Party (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Labrador Retriever
By Ch ESAN Tom Hanks out of Ch ESAN Meryl Streep.
(2 days)
New Puppy #6 (Dog) Australian Shepherd
ESAN Kontroller (Dog) Australian Shepherd
ESAN Trilogia (Bitch) Australian Shepherd
By Ch Oberhaus Royal Appointment out of Ch ESAN Victoria.
(3 days)
New Puppy #12 (Dog) Newfoundland
ESAN Royal Obsession (98.80) (Dog) Newfoundland
New Puppy #6 (Dog) Newfoundland
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Newfoundland
ESAN Shine Bright (Bitch) Newfoundland

Retirement Couch
GCH CH ESAN Power in Black (Top GCH) Cane Corso
GCH CH ESAN King for Life Doberman Pinscher
GCH CH ESAN Kollossus (BISx25) Great Dane
General Info
Prestige: 99.7 (#2)
Location: Romania
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Upcomming Litters
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Due 9/23/2017 to ESAN Blue Tiger
CH ESAN Diamond Illusion
Due 9/23/2017 to VB Cold Devil Prince
ESAN Dreams Of Barbie
Due 9/25/2017 to ESAN Himeros