Dallyz Sweet Surrender
Fingerprint Human Error
Fingerprint Sunchaser
Fingerprint Dark Clouds
Fingerprint Song of Gold
Fingerprint Smokerings
Fingerprint Smokescreen
Fingerprint Long Blk Veil
Fingerprint Mocha Chip
Fingerprint Dark Shadows
Fingerprint Veil of Tears
Fingerprint Golden Sun
Fingerprint Smoke Alarm
Fingerprint Blue Sky
Fingerprint Black Gold
Fingerprint Lucky One
Fingerprint Blue Haze
Fingerprint Blues Man
Fingerprint Evening Sun
Fingerprint Pollux
Fingerprint Blue Rapids
Fingerprint Soul Asylum
Fingerprint Midnight Blues
Fingerprint Choco Blue
Fingerprint Midnight Majik
Fingerprint Dark of Night
Fingerprint Bitter Truth
Fingerprint Midnight Heart
Fingerprint Paycheck
Fingerprint Sunsweet
Fingerprint Payless
Fingerprint Sunshine
Fingerprint Sweetheart
Fingerprint Bitter End
Fingerprint Sun God
Fingerprint Baby Bell
Fingerprint Vengeance
Fingerprint Double Sweet
Fingerprint Blue Ribbon
Fingerprint Beyond Blue
Fingerprint Dark Star
Fingerprint Bitter Sun
Fingerprint Dark Sun
Fingerprint Brownout
Fingerprint Startrek
Fingerprint Super Duper
Fingerprint Super Star
Fingerprint Believe It
Fingerprint Scoundrel
Fingerprint Hot Nights
Fingerprint Everyday Hero
Fingerprint Southern Star
Fingerprint Super Hot
Fingerprint On Location
Fingerprint Superfly
Fingerprint Star Trek
Fingerprint Hot Flash
Fingerprint Supernova
Fingerprint Arsonist
Fingerprint Flashy
Fingerprint Hot Spot #1 All Breeds (Dogs beaten 22,634)
Fingerprint Setting Fires
Fingerprint Flash Dance
Fingerprint Sunrise Embers
Fingerprint Bonfire
Fingerprint Backfire
Fingerprint Get Back!
FingerPrint Arson
Fingerprint Hopeful Spots
Fingerprint Sunrise at Last
Fingerprint Burning Sun
Fingerprint Sunrise Sunset
Fingerprint Fire and Air
Fingerprint Strike A Match
Fingerprint Full Count
Fingerprint Power Play
Fingerprint High Gear
Fingerprint Lunar Eclipse
Fingerprint Partial Eclipse
Fingerprint Hello Dolly
Fingerprint Firefighter
Fingerprint Celebration
Fingerprint Blue Skies
Fingerprint Living Doll
Fingerprint King of Rock
Fingerprint House of Blues
Fingerprint Pie in the Sky
Fingerprint Koh-I-Nor
Fingerprint Cullinan
Fingerprint Life on the Road
Fingerprint Strategic Move
Fingerprint Crazy Diamond
Fingerprint Golden Rule
Fingerprint Daria-I-Noor
Fingerprint Life Line
Fingerprint Brand New Key
Fingerprint Snakeskin Boots
Fingerprint Time and Again
Fingerprint Frozen in Time
Fingerprint Storm Chaser
Fingerprint Magic Ribbon
Fingerprint Dark Future
Fingerprint Sea Change
Fingerprint Dark Gold
Fingerprint George Thorogood
Fingerprint Map of the World
Fingerprint Plutonium
Fingerprint Jack of All Trades
Fingerprint James Brown
Fingerprint Lightning Strikes
Fingerprint Deep Blue Sea
Fingerprint Braveheart
Fingerprint Future Shock
Fingerprint Livin in America
Fingerprint Morro Castle
Fingerprint It's Magic
Fingerprint Lord of Discipline
Fingerprint Peaches for Me
Fingerprint Night Lily
Fingerprint Fire in the Sky
Fingerprint Night Flight
Fingerprint Magic Lily

GCH CH Fingerprint Day Trader (98.30/15 *) Dalmatian
CH Fingerprint Into The Sea (98.35/11 *) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Last Flight (-98.30/12 *) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Last Laugh (98.40/14 *) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Lost in the Wind (98.40/14 *) Dalmatian
CH Fingerprint Runway Lights (98.30/13 *) Dalmatian
Fingerprint 10 Minutes (-98.25/14) Dalmatian
Fingerprint Bad Weather (98.20) Dalmatian
Fingerprint ETA (-98.10/14) Dalmatian
Fingerprint First Draft (98.30/16) Dalmatian
Fingerprint Last Days (98.45/13 *) Dalmatian
Fingerprint Love Story (-98.35/14) Dalmatian
Fingerprint Microsoft (-98.45/15) Dalmatian
New Puppy #1 (99.35/14) Dalmatian
New Puppy #2 (98.35/15) Dalmatian
New Puppy #6 (98.35/14) Dalmatian

GCH CH Fingerprint Final Flight (98.35/14 *) Dalmatian
Fingerprint Draft Dodger (-98.40/12) Dalmatian
Fingerprint Final Draft (-98.40/14) Dalmatian
Fingerprint In the Air (-98.30/14) Dalmatian
Fingerprint Inauguration (98.55/13) Dalmatian
Fingerprint Last Time (98.25/14 ) Dalmatian
Fingerprint Pilot Error (98.20/11 fo 10.3) Dalmatian
New Puppy #1 (-98.25/13) Dalmatian
New Puppy #2 (-98.40/11) Dalmatian
New Puppy #5 Dalmatian
New Puppy #7 (98.30/15) Dalmatian

By Fingerprint Pilot Error out of Ch Fingerprint Runway Lights.
(5 days)
New Puppy #3 (-98.30) (Dog) Dalmatian
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Dalmatian
By Ch Celebre Time Travel out of Fingerprint ETA.
(5 days)
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Dalmatian
By Ch Celebre Time Travel out of Fingerprint Microsoft.
(5 days)
New Puppy #5 (-98.50) (Dog) Dalmatian
New Puppy #4 (-98.60?) (Dog) Dalmatian
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Dalmatian
New Puppy #2 (Dog) Dalmatian
New Puppy #1 (Dog) Dalmatian
By Ch Celebre Time Travel out of Fingerprint 10 Minutes.
(9 days)
New Puppy #6 (98.30/15) (Dog) Dalmatian
New Puppy #2 (98.25/14) (Bitch) Dalmatian

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Fingerprint Amelia Earhart (BISx4 97.80 ) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Chocolate Truffle (BIS 3654 ) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Epic Silence (BRONZE 4325) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Fear of Flying (BISx4 6864 ) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Fire in the Sky (BIS BRONZE 2158) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Lord of Discipline (BISx2 BRONZE 6012) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Lost at Sea (BRONZE BISX3 3073) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Never Forget (SILVER 6489 BISx10) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Night Flight (BISx6 BISSx7 SILVER ) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Night Lily (BISx5 BRONZE 5269 ) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Sea Urchin (BRONZE BISx1 3333) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Spirit N the Sky (BIS 1258) Dalmatian
GCH CH Fingerprint Ten Gs (BRONZE 3405) Dalmatian
General Info
Prestige: 85.3 (#91)
Location: USA
Signed Up: 3/4/2008
Account Level: Family
Last Visit: Not Listed
Community Rank: 271st
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