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Little River Kennel by Lauren

I am a longtime player of ShowDog, since about 2007 in a different account. I was always a basic until I decided I loved the game too much to not have premium access. My favorite breed in real life is German Shepherds.

I sell to basics who don't plan on FHing my dogs right away, and who plan to show them and actually use them. My puppies will always be in the $100-$200 range. I do not feed Old Boy.

Dedicated member for nearly 5 years.

Litter Policies

I will sell to anyone who wants a puppy, however, if you request a pick from an upcoming litter, please note that I will pick one for myself first happy :) I would like to request that you send me a PM before you FH a dog, in case I would like it for showing or breeding. Thanks happy :)

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Thanks and Other Stuff happy :)
Focusing on GSDs since I'm not active enough to juggle two breeds happy :)

thanks to jaime1985 for being my partner in Italian Spinone! Hope you enjoy the breed and I will keep on being your friend!

I was power of three cattrey on ShowCats since 2007. RIP ShowCats.

Slogan last updated: 14 April 2018

CH Kleenex Loofa (99.75) German Shepherd Dog
LBK Premium Chocolate (Delia 99.75) German Shepherd Dog

LRs Thats Amore German Shepherd Dog

None at this time.

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None at this time.
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