Group Results

Date: 2/2/2019

Herding Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Lanakila I Got You Babe Lanakila Corgis Maret Gentile Cardigan Welsh Corgi Best in Group
Ch Willowcreek Sailor Willowcreek Justin Moyer Shetland Sheepdog 2nd in Group
NippinHeels Shirow NippinHeels Maret Gentile Belgian Malinois 3rd in Group
Ch GLXYs Gallaxy Julie Patton German Shepherd Dog 4th in Group
Calore With a Twist Flint Creek Julie Patton Border Collie
Stonehill Neverland Pirate Stonehill Kennels Julie Patton Collie
Ch Kangaroo Pearl Of Passion Kangaroo Jene Moak Australian Shepherd
Ch Buckenboura Dark Mercury Debsbike Owner Australian Kelpie
Ch Lanakila U Got The Look Lanakila Maret Gentile Swedish Vallhund
Sheenagh of Albion Albion Maret Gentile Belgian Tervuren

Hound Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Jaspers Rosemary Jasper Kennel Julie Patton Beagle Best in Group
Girofro O Holy Night Girofro Justin Moyer Borzoi 2nd in Group
Ch Vuitton Cherry Cordial Vuitton Jene Moak Whippet 3rd in Group
Ch Hollow Oak Boastful Pride Hollow Oak Owner Basset Hound 4th in Group
Ch Diego Sunrise Snapshot Onyxx Kennels Maret Gentile Ibizan Hound
Peregrins Yalcin Peregrin Justin Moyer Saluki

Non-Sporting Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Nachthunde Xieren Nachthunde Justin Moyer Tibetan Terrier Best in Group
Ch Envisage Les Fleurs du Mal Envisage Justin Moyer Standard Poodle 2nd in Group
BS* One Cool Cookie Brooksides Maret Gentile Boston Terrier 3rd in Group
Ch McIntosh Calamity Jane Mcintosh Kennel Maret Gentile Miniature Poodle 4th in Group
Ch Armal Tiny Toy Aly Dimaggio Finnish Spitz
Ch Baymill Welsh Rogue baymill Maret Gentile Keeshond
Ch Blitzstan Tail of two Cities Archania Owner Schipperke
Ch Kincuri Shinpi Kincuri Owner Shiba Inu
Dracaryss Broken Crown Greystone Kennels Owner Dalmatian
Ch Kitona Christmas Card Kitona Owner Bichon Frise

Sporting Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Brocks Antonia Brock Hill Julie Patton Golden Retriever Best in Group
Ch Rivacre Twist and Shout Rivacre Gundogs Justin Moyer Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever 2nd in Group
Hillend SS Void Scarlet HillShine Julie Patton Pointer 3rd in Group
BsK Master Blaster Black Sky Kennels Julie Patton Labrador Retriever 4th in Group
Rivacre Soul Rebel Rivacre Gundogs Justin Moyer Brittany
Ch KC Cecil @ Newwave Newwave Justin Moyer Clumber Spaniel
Ch Whitegold Point One Whitegold Kennels Maret Gentile Sussex Spaniel
Ch TriStar Nevada TriStar Kennels Justin Moyer English Setter
Ch Ranchstar Florence Ranchstars Jene Moak Irish Setter
Whitegold River Nile Whitegold Julie Patton Flat-Coated Retriever
Moray Pahana Moray Maret Gentile Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Outrigger Gravina Outrigger Maret Gentile Irish Water Spaniel
Ch Gaylanns Steel Stanley (18) GaylanStudio1 Owner Weimaraner

Terrier Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Coodarali Need Smore Sun Coodarali Maret Gentile American Staffordshire Terrier Best in Group
Companions Georgina Companions Julie Patton Bull Terrier 2nd in Group
TNT Sam I Am Tollers N Terriers Maret Gentile West Highland White Terrier 3rd in Group
Ch GIG Mikael GraceInGlory Maret Gentile Cairn Terrier 4th in Group

Toy Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Comet Outlander Comet Poodles Maret Gentile Toy Poodle Best in Group
Ch Companions Buttermilk Companions Maret Gentile Pug 2nd in Group
*funhund* ohlla chicky jackwack Owner Miniature Pinscher 3rd in Group
Ch Funhund Game On bubby1000 Owner Italian Greyhound 4th in Group

Working Group
Name Owner Handler Breed Group Placing
Ch Kilohana Play The Odds Kilohana Kennels Maret Gentile Mastiff Best in Group
Ch Keyshell Old Smudge Keyshell Justin Moyer Rottweiler 2nd in Group
Grafton Kyrie Grafton Maret Gentile Bullmastiff 3rd in Group
Ch KDH Frosty Fox KDH Maret Gentile Alaskan Malamute 4th in Group
Ridley Haleh Ridley Maret Gentile Kuvasz
Lanakila Fields Of Gold Lanakila PWD Jene Moak Portuguese Water Dog
Ch GLXYs Clear Choice Gallaxy Maret Gentile Great Dane
The Truth d*Aramal Aramal Basic Jene Moak Doberman Pinscher
Ch NLS Frozen Dream Northern Lights Siberians Aly Dimaggio Siberian Husky
Ch SR Aarons Sail SS SummitRidge Owner Standard Schnauzer

Did you know?
Since its centenary year in 1991, Crufts has officially been recognised as the world's largest and most prestigious dog show by the Guinness Book of Records, with a total of 22,973 dogs being exhibited that year.