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This is a ranking of the top ShowDog.Com show dogs based on the amount of dogs each dog has beaten in shows during the month of July . 

This is a game, these are not real dogs.

Rank Dog Breed Dogs Beaten
1 GCH CH Kleenex Magnesium Collie 379
2 GCH CH CDXKleenex Tomatillo Collie 243
3 CH Kleenex Wind Walker Collie 189
4 CH Alibi Spun Sugar Collie 154
5 GCH CH CDKleenex Bodacious Collie 143
6 GCH CH Kleenex Blue Suede Paws Collie 140
7 CH Ying Yang Grande Ourse Collie 139
8 CH Mamba Harap Alb Collie 133
9 CH Kleenex Caddyshack Collie 106
10 CH Kleenex Captaer Collie 100
11 GCH CH Alibi Taken By Storm Collie 92
12 CH Alibi Neon Night Collie 91
13 CH Blue Moon Space Force Collie 89
14 CH Kleenex Magnetic Collie 81
15 Alibi Swayze Collie 70
16 GCH CH Alibi She`s Like The Wind Collie 67
17 CH Blue Moon Pal Joey Collie 65
18 Alibi Neon Ice Collie 64
19 CH HR Happy July Collie 63
20 CH Alibi Neon Rainbow Collie 61
21 CDAlibi Luna of Ambertal Collie 55
22 CH Kleenex Sablessa Collie 50
23 GCH CH UDKleenex Blue Gusto Collie 50
24 Kleenex Mink Collie 48
25 Kleenex Blue Minja Collie 45
26 Kleenex WindScreen Collie 40
27 CH Kleenex Just Fried Collie 38
28 Alibi Neon N Clover Collie 38
29 CH Blue Moon Twisted Sister Collie 37
30 CH Blue Moon Storm Cloud Collie 36
31 CH Blue Moon Rocket Girl Collie 36
32 CH Blue Moon Chocolate Cake Collie 36
33 Kleenex Wind Stalker Collie 35
34 GCH CH Alibi Carbon Blue Collie 35
35 CH Blue Moon Money Talks Collie 34
36 CH Kleenex Smile Collie 32
37 GCH CH Kleenex CaddyWhack Collie 31
38 Kleenex Blue Six Collie 30
39 CH Blue Moon Greta Van Fleet Collie 30
40 GCH CH Blue Moon For The Record Collie 30
41 CH Alibi Miami Moonshine Collie 28
42 CH Blue Moon Can You Hear This Collie 27
43 Alibi Caramel Popcorn Collie 27
44 CH Blue Moon Amazing Grace Collie 26
45 CH Alibi Celebrate Collie 26
46 Alibi Royal Fanfare Collie 22
47 CH Kleenex Blue Suede Suit Collie 20
48 CH HR Chantilly Collie 20
49 GCH CH Alibi Hot July Moon Collie 19
50 Mamba Lassie Collie 17
**The SDWC takes the top fifteen dogs/bitches from each breed on the last day of the month.
If there is a tie for 15th, all dogs in the tie are entered in the SDWC.
If a dog/bitch is over 120 days old, it may still enter the SDWC if it earns its way in.

Did you know?
The sit for exam is a modified version of the Stand for Exam. It is generally used in novice level classes and requires the handler to order the dog to sit and then to move away from the dog the length of the leash. The judge will then approach the dog and pet the dog's head.