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This is a ranking of the top ShowDog.Com show dogs based on the amount of dogs each dog has beaten in shows during the month of July . 

This is a game, these are not real dogs.

Rank Dog Breed Dogs Beaten
1 GCH CH Narnias Texas Ranger Pomeranian 112
2 CH Hazygate Lonely No More Pomeranian 77
3 CH @ngels Mumbles Pomeranian 54
4 CH Keeskee Shoot To Thrill Pomeranian 49
5 GCH CH Sandchape Son Of A Gun Pomeranian 48
6 CH Hazygate Itza Parti Pomeranian 47
7 CH Hazygate Low and Behold Pomeranian 35
8 CH @ngels Petulia Pomeranian 35
9 CH @ngels Giselle Pomeranian 34
10 CH Keeskee Orangette Pomeranian 32
11 CH Narnias Loner Pomeranian 32
12 CH Sandchape Left Alone Pomeranian 31
13 Sandchape Ebony Knight Pomeranian 30
14 CH Narnias Shadow Lord Pomeranian 28
15 Traiag Night Shade Pomeranian 28
16 summer timmy Pomeranian 27
17 CH Jidokey Here I Am Pomeranian 27
18 CH @ngels VanillaCone Pomeranian 26
19 Narnias Outer Limits Pomeranian 26
20 Summer Jennifer Pomeranian 25
21 Jidokey Watta Crowd Pomeranian 23
22 CH Narnias Serenity Pomeranian 22
23 CH Hazygate Let Me Be Pomeranian 22
24 Keeskee Country Boy Pomeranian 20
25 Summer Annie Pomeranian 19
26 Summer Keller Pomeranian 19
27 CH Hazygate New Man In Town Pomeranian 19
28 CH Hazygate Loan Shark Pomeranian 18
29 Summer one more time Pomeranian 17
30 Summer chcolate sunda Pomeranian 16
31 CH Jidokey Arlette Pomeranian 12
32 Rakkaus Last Rites Pomeranian 12
33 Glass Hearts Sugar Pomeranian 10
34 Glass Hearts Shattered Pomeranian 10
35 summer Kassy Pomeranian 10
36 summme Ronnie Pomeranian 9
37 CH Jidokey Blue Velvet Pomeranian 8
38 Glass Hearts Simple and Clean Pomeranian 7
39 Sandchape Jackie Brown Pomeranian 7
40 CH Sandchape Party Girl Pomeranian 6
41 IceIsland Baby Face Pomeranian 6
42 CH IceIsland Dance Fever Pomeranian 6
43 Narnias Hostage Pomeranian 5
44 CH Sandchape Avril For Traiag Pomeranian 5
45 Narnias Ermine Pomeranian 5
46 Narnias Hermit Pomeranian 5
47 summer elsa Pomeranian 4
48 Narnias Zozo Pomeranian 4
49 Hazygate For Shame Pomeranian 4
50 Hazygate Aqua Marine Pomeranian 4
**The SDWC takes the top fifteen dogs/bitches from each breed on the last day of the month.
If there is a tie for 15th, all dogs in the tie are entered in the SDWC.
If a dog/bitch is over 120 days old, it may still enter the SDWC if it earns its way in.

Did you know?
There are about 900 breeds of sheep in the world.
Did you know?
The sit for exam is a modified version of the Stand for Exam. It is generally used in novice level classes and requires the handler to order the dog to sit and then to move away from the dog the length of the leash. The judge will then approach the dog and pet the dog's head.
Did you know?
The figure 8 exercise requires the team to heel in a figure 8 pattern either on or off leash. Generally two of the ring stewards will assist the judge with this exercise by acting as "posts", standing 8 feet apart, that the team walks around to form the loops of the figure 8.