Great Dane Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH HNC2 Almost Perfect 100.0 Black HNC2016 $200
GCH CH KZ Go to War 99.9 Black Equity Danes $150
GCH CH BarbieDreams Of King 100.0 Fawn BarbieDreams $100
GCH CH GLXYs Aqualung 99.8 Fawn Gallaxy $100
GCH CH HNC Up For Grabs 99.8 Black Gallaxy $100
GCH CH KZ Moonstruck Endor 99.8 Fawn Gallaxy $100
GCH CH KZ Rest Easy 99.8 Black Gallaxy $100
GCH CH ESAN Rise of Empires 99.9 Fawn Gallaxy $100
GCH CH Hyggelig Good To Be Me 99.9 Fawn DoggyPanache $100
GCH CH UDEldridgeHall Dirt On My Boots 99.7 Brindle mantle EldridgeHall $50
GCH CH UDNewwave Romeo 99.8 Fawn Newwave $25
GCH CH **SD2 We Made It 99.8 Fawn **SD2 $25
GCH CH Equity`s Grand Theft Auto 99.7 Fawn mantle Dark River $25
GCH CH Equity`s King of the Force 99.9 Fawn Dark River $25
GCH CH ESAN Himeros 100.0 Fawn ESAN $25
CH HNC2 Corvette 100.0 Brindle HNC2016 $200
CH Nearco Thunder Boomer 99.9 Fawn Kerrydane $200
CH KZ Toy Town 99.9 Black Kliazma $200
CH HNC2 First Impression 100.0 Black HNC2016 $200
CH KZ Limited Edition 100.0 Black Kliazma $150
CH HNC Joy Ride 99.9 Fawn Gallaxy $100
CH HNC2 The Professor 99.8 Brindle Gallaxy $100
CH SU I*ve Got A Golden Ticket! 100.0 Fawn Super Uber Kennels $100
CH SU Kevin Bacon 100.0 Black Super Uber Kennels $100
CH HNC Suits 99.9 Brindle hnc2010 $100
CH HNC Micky 99.9 Brindle hnc2010 $100
CH HNC Bruno 99.9 Black hnc2010 $100
CH HNC Chuckie 100.0 Fawn hnc2010 $100
CH Equity*s Dirty Laundry 99.7 Merle Equity Danes $50
CH KiSt In The Dark 99.9 Black Kick Start $50
CH UDSU It*s Good To Be King 99.9 Fawn Super Uber Kennels $50
CH CDSU The Fab Four 99.8 Black Equity Danes $50
CH Equity*s Desperado 99.7 Black Dark River $25
HNC Bentley 100.0 Fawn hnc2010 $100
Equity*s Harl No.15881849 99.8 Harlequin Equity Danes $100
Equity*s Extra Life 99.9 Fawn Equity Danes $100
HNC2 Raphael 100.0 Black Equity Danes $100
Equity*s Draft 99.9 Black Equity Danes $100
KBKs Ragnar Northbrook 100.0 Fawn King Blazzo Kennels $100
KZ Game Over 99.9 Fawn Kliazma $100
BarbieDreams Of Excell Lance 100.0 Black BarbieDreams $100
Gambits Fan Boy 99.2 Black Gambit Great Danes $100
Equity*s Unbelievable Tease 99.4 Merle Equity Danes $50
HNC2 Stud Muffin 100.0 Brindle HNC2016 $50
HNC2 Antonio 100.0 Black HNC2016 $50
HNC2 Rocket 100.0 Brindle HNC2016 $50
KZ A Dream of Spring 100.0 Black HSKennel $50
KiSt Rio 99.8 Fawn mantle Kick Start $50
CDSU Let*s Make A Deal 98.5 Fawn Super Uber Kennels $25
CDSU Blue Dreams 15880201 97.4 Blue Super Uber Kennels $25
Nearco Victory Dance 99.9 Fawn BarStar $25
SU Almost Royal 99.9 Fawn Super Uber Kennels $25

Did you know?
Additional points may be awarded to the Best of Winners, or a class dog that goes Best of Breed or Best of Opposite Sex, again depending on the number of dogs competing