Swedish Vallhund Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH Ariege - Mr.Atomic 95.1 Grey Sable Ariege $50
GCH CH Ariege - Right Side Of Me 95.1 Grey Sable Ariege $50
GCH CH Thunderroll Lightning Strike 94.3 Grey Sable Thunderroll $25
CH Northern Virtual Reality 95.2 Grey Sable Agile Sportsdogs $50
CH Ariege - The Call of Winter 95.0 Grey Sable Ariege $50
CH Thunderroll What the Hail 94.5 Grey Sable Thunderroll $25
CH Thunderroll Whats Up 94.7 Grey Sable Thunderroll $25
Ariege - You Raise Me Up 95.2 Grey Sable Ariege $50
Thunderroll Crazy4Simone 95.1 Grey Sable Thunderroll $50
PP Fancy Linxs 95.4 Grey Sable PPvallhunds $50
Ariege - The Awakening 95.3 Grey Sable Ariege $50
Ariege - The Rain King 95.4 Grey Sable Ariege $50
Ariege - Red Badge of Courage 95.0 Grey Sable Ariege $50
Ariege - On Main Street 95.0 Grey Sable Ariege $50
Ariege - A Mans Fate 95.2 Grey Sable Ariege $50
Ariege - War of the Worlds 95.2 Grey Sable Ariege $50
Ariege - Yesterday 95.1 Grey Sable Ariege $50
Bayou Dogs Black Sable Boy 9.2 Black Sable Bayou Dogs $25
Mayfair Darkness 92.6 Black Sable Malvern Kennels $25
Mayfair Blue Fire 94.1 Blue Sable Malvern Kennels $25
Mayfair Indian Maize 93.3 Yellow Sable Malvern Kennels $25
Aurora - All About The Base 7.4 Red Sable Northern Lightz $25
Luzern Miners Son 91.3 Black Sable SWISSBREEDS $25
Bayou Dogs Black Sable 12.2 Black Sable Bayou Dogs $25
Bayou Dogs High Priced Yellow 4.8 Yellow Sable Bayou Dogs $25
Bayou Dogs High Priced Blue 10.2 Blue Sable Bayou Dogs $25
PP Fancy Alternate Reality 95.1 Grey Sable Ponds $25
Luzern Maize 91.3 Yellow Sable SWISSBREEDS $25
Luzern Stonewall 93.2 Blue Sable SWISSBREEDS $25

Did you know?
The first obedience title is a CD, or "Companion Dog", which is earned through competition in the Novice obedience class.