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Author Topic : April Challenge: Turn-Ins
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March Challenge: Turn-In

Post your five account names, and the breeds that your team finished at least one champion in. Turn ins accepted until midnight on May 3rd.
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I worked with Diasonia (she has 4 kennels).

Here are the breeds I finished:
Afghan Hound
American Staffordshire Terrier
Cane Corso
Great Dane
 Grey Willow Kennels
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Turkey Tracks -Tibetan mastiff and Red and White Irish setter

Grey Willows - Kooikerhondje, Finnish Spitz, and Pyrenean Shepherd

Dodge City Kennels - Shiba Inu

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 Silk N Denim Terriers
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Here is what I finished last month.

Silk n Denim-Silky Terrier, Afghan Hound
BanCree Kennels-Irish Red and White, Lakeland Terrier
Cherokee Hills-Am. Foxhound
Hitari Kennels-Maltese
Ponds-Briard, Irish Wolfhound

That gives me a total of 8 different breeds.
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Worked with Emily.Rose & adding my 4 kennels to the breeds.

1) Diasonia Heartland - Spanish Water Dog, Weimaraner, Black Russian Terrier, West Highland White Terrier

2) Diasonia - Border Collie

3) Diasonia Thunder - Lowchen

4) Novolina - Norwegian Elkhound, German Spitz

In total with Emily.Rose we have: 13 breeds

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