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Author Topic : Show me your mixed breeds!
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This guy is my Boudreaux, also known as Boo. A few years ago, I was working for a woman who had a herd of dairy goats. It was winter, just before Christmas, and it was cold, wet, and dreary outside. I opened up the hay barn and a little black puppy tumbled out the door. Not knowing what do, I walked up to the house and asked her, "what do you want me to do with your puppy?" I figured, at the very least it needed to go potty and get some exercise before I put it back up and fed it. She looked at me and asked, "what puppy?" Because it was just before the holiday, I brought him home with me and he spent three days on the sunporch, while I tried not to get attached to him before sending him to the shelter.

Unfortunately, big, black, male dogs have a very small chance at going home with a family even with a smile like Boo's. He's just a stay-at-home farm dog who likes to bark at squirrels and chew on bones, but he's a nice dog and I like having him around.

Just a little bigger than a TFT . . .

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I have a 3 year old terrier mix. Don’t think I will be able to post a picture though. I’m not even sure I remember how. >.<
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My Sophie is still with me most all waking moments! She proved herself to be cat friendly a few years ago and adopted my kitten Kizzy rhis summer, boldly defending her from my hissing adult cat!
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Hope this works:
This is Parker on his 3rd Gotcha day Anniversary. While I’m 100% a border collie person. My border collie girl was starting to show her age and I thought her time was coming to an end. I knew I would need a distraction and I wanted my next dog to be smaller but able to keep up with the border collies. I saw him at a rescue and fell in love. After many talks with the rescue and his foster mom I was approve and he came home with me when he was around 5 months. He can be sooo frustrating at times. His motto most time is swallow in case it MIGHT be food. For him to listen you better have a good reason. He has gotten better as he matures. he is good at problem solving when motivated. He has no interest in “fetch” and generally if you throw the toy he looks at you like “so why did you do that” and goes back to sniffing or anything other then fetch. I felt success yesterday when he actually chased after a frisbee and pounced it. But he is awesome at cuddles and making me laugh. >.< Ik people talk about border collies being extreme but by far he is my crazy one. Lol

FYI my “senior Border Collie” who I thought was at the end of her life is still alive and ready to see the next adventure with the terrier. She is turning 15 soon.

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Here are my two mutts, both were DNA tested through Embark this year for the fun of it.

Ozzie - 8.5 y/o
We've had him since 2011. He had a TPLO surgery 2 years ago which worked phenomenoly and he has been doing fantastic ever since. He was always iffy with other dogs and his manners steadily went downhill, so he just gets leash walks now. He is very "breedist" and absolutely hates huskies, pitties, and now anything brachycephalic. (He has never actually injured a dog though, it has always been a stand over and snap type business)

58.4% Labrador Retriever
11.6% Golden Retriever
11.2% Alaskan Malamute
11.2% Siberian Husky
7.6% German Shepherd Dog

Reggie - 3 y/o
The opposite of Ozzie, he's a saint with other dogs and very wary of other people, but an absolute suck with us. We've had him since he was 8 weeks old and he was heavily socialized, but it hasn't made much of a difference in his attitude towards people. He's a very good but very quirky dog, he is really easily stressed and has a very strong "chatter" that comes out when he's feeling anxious! Very trainable which has been nice, and was a refreshing change from Ozzie haha.

18.8% German Shepherd Dog
16.8% Siberian Husky
12.3% Alaskan-type Husky
10.9% Rottweiler
8.0% Collie
7.9% Shih Tzu
6.8% Saint Bernard
18.5% Supermutt

Both of these guys are reserve dogs, so Ozzie's relatively pure makeup was much more unexpected than Reggie's complete mix! Ozzie is also 100lbs, so his large percentage Lab was a surprise. We weren't sure we believed it until we looked up some Lab x Malamutes.

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