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Author Topic : Breed Statistic Spreadsheet
 Windsong Hills
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Hello Everyone!

Recently, there have been quite a few posts asking about rare breeds. In another post, Aniron asked if there were any spreadsheets. Being the curious individual iI am (with free time this weekend), I created a basic spreadsheet.


NOTE 1: These are numbers taken directly from the 'Breed' page, with the individual breed information coming from their respective pages. You can go into the breed directory and count the individual kennels, which can produce different numbers.

NOTE 2: The 'Breeds' page is a -competitive- list that is updated regularly (through, what I assume, is an algorithm the site uses to calculate how well a breed performs in shows). This means that source and color breeding kennels are not included in the 'kennel' count displayed on individual breed pages.

NOTE 3: There are several breeds with what appears to be an absurd number of colors. If you get a different count, please tell me. The ones without site-generated images per color were particularly difficult for me to count (I'm a visual person, and just trying to make sense of the lines was difficult for me).

NOTE 4: This is currently a very basic spreadsheet. I would like to add a couple of features in the future (sorting, color coding for Y/N pictures and numbers being low). If there are any features you guys want to see, let me know and I'll do my best to figure them out.

- Grand Basset Griffon Vendeens appeared to have disappeared from the site. You can search and find the dogs, with site generated images, but cannot access the breed page. They are still listed, as well.

-The most popular breeds tend to have site pictures. I think we all find a bit of joy from seeing the different colors without having to hunt them down (like in ye olden days of SD).

-There are several breeds where a single kennel holds the Group/Show competitive SOPs, leaving basics that have since left or are active with source dogs.

-There doesn't seem to be a good/easy way to bring back a breed from near extinction or to source breed. It means that it would be very difficult to bring some of these breeds back to a healthy or competitive spot. While not necessary for the enjoyment of this game, it is a thought I had as I worked on this.

-The number of dogs, colors, or breeders do not indicate how competitive a breed can be in the ring. I think that it is a common misconception that the more dogs the better the competition. While true in some areas of competition, there are quite a few breeds with lower numbers that are more competitive than more popular breeds.

I hope you guys enjoy and give it some feedback. happy :)


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I am struck first of all by some of the breeds and how many colors there are. Podenge with 232? Wow. And I never would have guessed that Corgis would be the most popular. It also surprises me that Bostons would be at the bottom of the list. Very impressive. Well done, lots of work here.

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