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Author Topic : Looking for a new breed
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7/18/2020 11:21:06 AM reply with quote send message to Cay-9s Object to Post   

Long time player with a new kennel looking for a breed that may need help or more players
Any suggestions?
 Meriones Kennel
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7/18/2020 2:08:31 PM reply with quote send message to Meriones Kennel Object to Post

We could do with some more breeders in Old English Sheepdogs.
 Berry Brits
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7/18/2020 3:13:24 PM reply with quote send message to Berry Brits Object to Post

Aussie terriers! I’m the only big breeder right now (different account). They take a long time to session but routinely get group and show placings!

My dogs are in the mid/high 98s for SOP but there is also a source project for different colors, there is only 1 color that is showable. I have a pretty big abandoned stud list that is helping keep COI low too.
 Silver Ring Kennel
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7/19/2020 11:49:18 AM reply with quote send message to Silver Ring Kennel Object to Post

There are enough available Brussels Griffon to get a nice start in the breed.
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7/19/2020 1:25:29 PM reply with quote send message to Amoroso Object to Post

Either of my breeds (dachshunds and grand basset griffon vendeens). With a few exceptions a couple times a month, I’m the only one showing in both. I would be more than happy to help get you started.
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7/20/2020 5:30:10 PM reply with quote send message to Rizona Object to Post

American Foxhounds could use a new breeder. I can offer brood bitches if you are interested.

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