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Author Topic : Thinking About a Personal 2021 Challenge
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9/11/2020 5:17:55 PM reply with quote send message to residential Object to Post   

I'm thinking about doing a personal challenge, on top of my "champion in all colors of all breeds" challenge.

I want to get a dog on to the top dogs of all-time list. It would take daily specialties plus tons of BIS wins, and more entries in shows than there already are. I would also need to show a lot of dogs to support entry numbers.

Anyone else want to play along?
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9/11/2020 5:58:13 PM reply with quote send message to XiZang Object to Post

I'm too old and tired for that. I can't even wrap my head around a champion in all breeds, much less all colors and all breeds. Good luck though. I hope you plan to spend about 50 years on this project.
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9/11/2020 7:22:02 PM reply with quote send message to Wyredogs Object to Post

Don't even think that!!!!

When I started my first Kennel back in 2003, I had 2 teens in high school and another about to start high school.

Sigh..... :P

Now, I have two kids in their 30s and one almost there.
Did I mention the 2 grandchildren??

Hang on while I creak over to the dresser and find my spectacles.
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9/12/2020 9:24:00 AM reply with quote send message to residential Object to Post

The breeds and colors keeps me going, plus Ive managed to use it to bring back a breed (border terriers).

Idk if I can actually do it. I'd need to find a breed that could pull it off.
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9/12/2020 10:56:53 AM reply with quote send message to BarStar Object to Post

I say go for it!

Honestly, I don't think there are enough entries currently in the game to hit the all time list anymore.

I'd love to be proven wrong.

Another adjusted goal if you change your mind might be to go for the all time grand points. It's manageable.

One suggestion when you pick your breed to try with. Pick something in a group that gets lots of entries each night. On nights where you just place in group or win the group and not a show placement... you will atleast get more points towards dogs defeated.


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