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Author Topic : Hello out there. No Pyreneans to be found.
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9/11/2020 7:28:05 PM reply with quote send message to Carolyn Object to Post   

Well, not strictly true. I have found a couple of them
Hoping to help revive this breed
If you have one......feel free to let me know.
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9/14/2020 4:40:09 PM reply with quote send message to Blitzd Object to Post

I just obtained 4 old bitches of good SOP
Providing the live long enough, there will be pups available on 9/19/2020 @ 6:33:14 PM
Keep fingers crossed
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9/14/2020 6:49:08 PM reply with quote send message to Wyredogs Object to Post

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It will be good to see the breed back in the game.
Looking forward to seeing the pups.
(Carolyn in her other Kennel)

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