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we just got a puppy with docked tail. if we want our dog to paticipate in the show - do we have to crop his ears? if we do show it would be maybe once or twice. we are new to the breed and not sure if we can show with docked tail and natural ears - color salk/pepper. Thank you!
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This is the breed standard. It seems that natural ears are fine, but the standard includes a lot of details. I would definitely read over. Just because you received a pure bred from a reputable breeder doesn’t necessarily mean your pup is show standard (unless you specifically spoke to the reputable breeder discussing the fact that you were interested in a show quality pup).
My childhood dog was a welsh terrier bred by a reputable breeder who showed her dogs, both parents were champions but she was no where near breed standard (blonde not tan and incorrect coat texture). Which was totally fine all we wanted was a family dog. Her brother my cousins had on the other hand could have shown no problem. Wish you the best of luck though! Hope the link helps.

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