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Author Topic : Here I am...yet again....breed searching....
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I've got 5 kennels. Only 3 of those are really being used. I'm looking to help someone rebuild a virtually extinct SD breed or help someone with another breeder and competition.

I currently have Beaucerons, Weimeraners, SAB, Briards, Mastiffs, Mudi and Vizsla.

I do tend to prefer larger dogs but definitely not a requirement.

If anyone needs any help, just let me know.

 Dandylion Kennel
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American Eskimo Dogs are being bred from scratch now! Haven't been able to find any hidden studs, highest SOP I've seen is I think 13 though there may be something higher I haven't noticed yet. The breeders are friendly and willing to help each other out too!


Replies in this thread : 1

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