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we brought our dog to the vet near us and they said that he has a ruptured ligament on his back left leg and needs to undergo a surgery. we didnt want to consider it first since it is a surgery and it is expensive so we get a second opinion in the who specializes in tplo surgery and they also said the same sad :(
we do not have that much money and is there any chance that we do it in a non surgical treatment?
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I am sorry to hear your dog is having medical problems. A licensed vet who has personally examined your dog is the only one qualified to give medical advice, not strangers on the internet. The vets will have given you any and all viable options. I would look into seeing if they would be amendable to a payment plan, or you could look into Care Credit.
Here is a link, they will finance medical costs for pets, up to five thousand dollars I believe depending on your credit score/qualification. It is a good option if you are struggling to come up with the funds.
Good luck, I hope you are able to figure it out.
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Wise words from Detroit Kennels.
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I recently had a similar issue. I believe it is possible for this to heal with lots of rest and restricted activity. I have considered the surgery and have not ruled it out.

Consult a physiotherapist if there is one in your area. This is apparently more successful with smaller dogs - mine is a cocker (25 lbs). It's 12 weeks since his injury. He is walking, running, jumping onto the bed. The leg is weaker, possibly because of the lack of exercise (this is where the physio comes in).

I've been allowing a bit more exercise for a few weeks now but easy-does-it! The last thing you want is to rush things and have him/her re-injure that leg or possible injure the other that is mow going to be taking on more of the load.

Talk to your vet about alternatives if the surgery is not financially doable.

Good luck and best wishes

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