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Author Topic : Altered Veterans
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3/4/2023 9:54:23 PM reply with quote send message to Llanelli Object to Post   

Can we no longer entered our retired dogs in veterans at national specialties? I just tried to enter one of mine (he’s not about to die) and the show wasn’t an option to enter
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3/5/2023 7:19:44 AM reply with quote send message to SiberianKennel Object to Post

I just tried entering two of my retired huskies in the nationals veteran class and it still let me. May just be the system being weird? I would try it again amd see if it lets you?
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3/9/2023 4:55:02 PM reply with quote send message to Double S  Kennel Object to Post

Based on trying to do entries I think the cut off must be 300 days.

It wouldn't let me enter my 2 really old coach potatoes but the other 2 were eligible.

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