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Author Topic : Malinois Color Pics
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Free for use on SD only.
Not meant to represent the standard.
You don't need to upload to a different site.

Please do not use these for anything else off site!

To Use
Right click image and press Copy, or copy a link as below.
Go to dog's page and press "Change Picture" above dog's color.
In the white rectangle on the right:
- either right click or tap and press paste

There's a few variations of each shade.
You can use any/all for any coat color depending on your preference.

CREAMS -- light to lighter with white and no white --


-- regular --

-- darker --

-- richer --

FAWN -- more sable and more clean --

wysiwyg/no changes
happy :)

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Not my breed, but fantastic!! You're very talented.
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Thank you so very much.

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