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Author Topic : Anyone else?
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5/21/2023 4:24:59 PM reply with quote send message to Llanelli Object to Post   

When I click my dropdown to change to my other account, I have options to click on a ton of other peoples’ accounts. No idea who any of them are. I can email a screenshot if anyone’s interested
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5/21/2023 6:21:13 PM reply with quote send message to Sunwing Object to Post

Thankfully I only get mine, but sometimes it'll glitch and give me 3 of the same kennel and none of the others appear. It's odd.
 Clwyd Cockers
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5/22/2023 10:47:39 AM reply with quote send message to Clwyd Cockers Object to Post

No, this has never happened to me.
Did you log out then in?

Contact Jeff, if you haven’t already.


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