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Author Topic : New Breed Suggestions, Please!
 Irish Skies Kennel
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Hi all:

I am back in the game after being gone for a little more than eighteen months and I’m looking for some new breeds to play in. The breeds I’m already doing are:

Chihuahuas, Dobermans, GSDs, Tervs, and Boerboels.

The things I am looking for in a breed are:

Friendly players, public studs available, competition. I do not care if the breed has reached 100, as long as I can have fun with it, but if the breed hasn’t, that’s a plus.

Breeds I’m considering are:

Flat ties, Goldens, Rotties, Black Russian Terriers, Anatolians, Cane Corsi and Papillon.

I like breeds that are used for working, regardless of what group they are in…. Guardian dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, etc.

So, what does your breed have to offer?

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2/8/2024 12:52:49 PM reply with quote send message to Parhelion Object to Post

I have BRTs in a different kennel but be warned, the only other active kennel is closed (at least they never put anything up for stud and I hate having to message people to beg, so I almost never bother). Most of my dogs are pretty closely related. Still would be willing to help you out if you choose to venture in there, but you probably will need some starter stock to work with.
 Little River Kennel
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2/12/2024 12:37:03 PM reply with quote send message to Little River Kennel Object to Post

In my other kennel, I'm doing Belgian Malinois. Would love to have some more people to work with!
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2/12/2024 3:13:33 PM reply with quote send message to BlackSeaKennel Object to Post

If you want to try out Anatolians I’d be happy to give you a breeding age gal just message me!

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