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Author Topic : New Breed for Me
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After a long (7 year) absence, and I see not many breeders of my previous breed, with some thought and deliberation have decided to switch it up and show and breed Chinese Cresteds. I love the idea that there are two varieties, with Powderpuff being my favorite...and so many colors! Hope I can make everyone proud lol. Now off to buy some stock!

**Looking for one or two show quality FEMALE POWDERPUFFS**if any breeders are willing to entrust me with their stock to get a foothold.

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I would message Kohl and Hazygate. Both are very nice. happy :)
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Thank you, Ghetto happy :)

I have this girl -
White PP with a 96.85 SOP. I'd say she would still be showable under the right judges and just needs one more major to finish. She is also ready to breed now.
The only other powder puffs's I have are low sop colour project dogs and I doubt they would interest you happy :)

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