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Author Topic : ECS: Either 9.8 or 10.0 head-- no 9.9's exist -- any other breeds?
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So with English cockers, within the past few months we have begun to consistently have 10.0 heads in our puppies. Before that most high SOP dogs had a 9.8 head. We jumped from 9.8 to 10.0 overnight. I have yet to see a single English cocker with a 9.9 head, in my kennel or others. I am assuming this is some kind of glitch. Has this happened in any other breeds>
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I seem to remember something similar happening in Tollers. Heads went from 10.2 to 10 and I can't remember having any 10.1s
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8/31/2017 10:16:05 AM reply with quote send message to Shaylynne Object to Post

I know this is a sporting breed thread, but the same thing happened in Aussies. I always thought that was strange.
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Now that you mentioned it, I went thru my kennel and I can say too I've never gotten a 9.9 or one that I can recall. I don't know, I've been trait breeding for really a while now since 13' laugh :D It's a glitch on my line lol

My only theory is that our 10s are actually 9.(something) and are simply rounded to a 10. Thus it's not actually a solid 10, which could explain why certain dogs do better in the ring than others. But of course there are more factors to winning. .
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That was me ^

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