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Author Topic : Question on "Finishing Kennels"
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I have looked but could not find what I was after on the topic of so called finishing kennels.

First I would like to know if that is ok to do?

What if the owner of the dog wants it back? Can that be done without penalties?

Please enlighten me as I would like to have some information on this subject.
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A finishing kennel is a kennel that finishes your dog's champion or grand champion title. A lot of times, they will keep your dog for their full show career (until the dog is 120 days old). I think most of them will usually give the original owner/breeder first dibs on the dog when getting rid of it. Some do it for free and some do it for a price. I've seen some say that if you want the dog back before 120 days, then you can have it back.
I've never used one, but I can see why some people would really like them.
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Back before I took a break they were pretty popular. I don't know how many are around now and if they still operate the same way, but most of the ones I knew of (and I think I may have been one for awhile lol) only kept the dog until it was finished, and then usually it was sold back to the owner for a higher price than the finisher bought it for, so they were at least making some of their money back. I feel like this was before the days of GCH though, so it didn't take as long.

As far as I know people who sent their dogs to finishing kennels always wanted them back. This was different from people who bought dogs for the purpose of trying to finish a dog in every breed. They didn't have such a strict process and the owner didn't necessarily want the dog back/the finisher wouldn't be paid.
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So-called "finishing kennels" are a well established practise - sort of like hiring a real-life handler/agent.

An agreement is made between the two parties and in most cases things go smoothly, but there are risks.

The most common problem seems to be when the breeding kennel stops logging in and the handler/agent is then left with a dog they don't want. After a reasonable period of time (a matter of judgment) in case the other party has had some problem (technical or personal - stuff happens) you may then sell or ForeverHome the dog.

As the breeder if your "Agent" stops logging in you could find your dog inaccessible. I'm sure it's happened but it does not seem to be common in my experience but if the dog is important to your program, be careful to check the prospective "agent" out.

The dogs are "sold" to the "agent" then bought back by the breeder. Occasionally mistakes are made and the dog gets sent to the wrong person. It almost ever happens but this 3rd person could refuse to return the dog.

Know who you are dealing with - Admin will most likely not get involved if things go wrong.

Most folks work out these problems between themselves and all is well. I just wanted to point out some of the things that can go wrong.

Good luck.

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I run a "finishing" service in my basic account. Its really the only fun thing you can do with a basic account. I personally only take dogs with a finishable SOP for their breed. I will keep the dog for the entirity of their career, and will also do Obedience titling as well. I personally don't charge, I put the dog up for stud (when its a male over 30 days with a Ch). I always offer first buy back rights to the original breeder. I have had some breeders that have offered me first pick of a litter out of the dog I finish. If the original owner doesn't want the dog back, I offer for sale or depending on how many titles and how much work I put in, I may retire it into my premium accounts.

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