Pulling Hair

Kennel theme is dogs with coats that are medium or long.

Working on the Puli and Kooikerhondje.

Also helping out various low sop breeds randomly for fun and test runs.


*Pups offered for sale are FH'd around 4-5 days of age.

*Adults available from time to time-including breeding stock.

*Dogs bought are yours to do with as you please.

*I do NOT lease bitches.


Will be available at 30 days of age, if one isn't up please let me know as I may have forgotten or overlooked him.

CH PullingHair- Chevy (breed/FH) Kooikerhondje
CH ~Shadows~ Lady In White Puli
CH ¤PullingHair¤ I Wanna Have Fun (10 head) Puli
GCH CH PullingHair Chattahoochee Puli
CH PullingHair Vegas Puli
PullingHair No.17813013 (Nice Producer) Kooikerhondje
PullingHair-No.17826971/ (*) Kooikerhondje
¤PullingHair¤ Myspace Puli
¤PullingHair¤ Silver Moon Puli
¤PullingHair¤ Vlad (keep) Puli
¤PullingHair¤ White Out Puli
Gothika`s Peak-A-Boo Puli
PullingHair Midnight Snack (*) Puli

GCH CH PullingHair- Napoleon (breed/FH) Kooikerhondje
CH ~Shadows~ Nazgûl (finish) Puli
CH ¤PullingHair¤ Shooting Star Puli
GCH CH PullingHair Cant See A Thing (93.40) Puli
CH PullingHair Silver Surfer (*) Puli
PullingHair In Due Time (66) Alaskan Klee Kai
PullingHair Shikon no Tama Alaskan Klee Kai
PullingHair-Shippo Alaskan Klee Kai
PullingHair- Hunter (*special) Kooikerhondje
~Shadows~ No.17801472 (9.9 fq) Puli
¤PullingHair¤ Blizzard (****) Puli
¤PullingHair¤ Cane Puli
¤PullingHair¤ GiZmO (10.5G) Puli

By Vihar Midnight Blues out of PullingHair Snow Blind.
(6 days)
¤PullingHair¤ Midnight Snow (Dog) Puli
By Vihar Midnight Blues out of Gothika`s Peak-A-Boo.
(6 days)
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Puli
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Puli
By Majestics Do It out of PullingHair Midnight Snack.
(6 days)
New Puppy #2 (9.8 coat) (Bitch) Puli
By ~Shadows~ No.17801472 out of Ch ~Shadows~ Lady In White.
(6 days)
New Puppy #6 (10.1 fq) (Bitch) Puli
¤PullingHair¤ Lady Of Darkness (10.2fq) (Bitch) Puli
By Ch Sillings Cajun Spice out of PullingHair- No.17813014.
(6 days)
¤PullingHair¤ No.17856738// (Bitch) Kooikerhondje
By Ch Sillings Cajun Spice out of PullingHair No.17813013.
(6 days)
¤PullingHair¤ Toby (10.1 size) (Dog) Kooikerhondje
¤PullingHair¤ Happy Feet (Dog) Kooikerhondje
¤PullingHair¤ Christmas (Dog) Kooikerhondje
¤PullingHair¤ No.17856727// (breed/FH) (Bitch) Kooikerhondje
By Ch Sillings Cajun Spice out of PullingHair No.17813009.
(6 days)
¤PullingHair¤ No.17856726// (*****) (Bitch) Kooikerhondje
¤PullingHair¤ No.17856725// (*****) (Bitch) Kooikerhondje
¤PullingHair¤ Spicy Surprise (*****) (Dog) Kooikerhondje
By Ch Sillings Cajun Spice out of Ch PullingHair No.17813005.
(6 days)
¤PullingHair¤ Yule (Dog) Kooikerhondje
¤PullingHair¤ No.17856718// (Bitch) Kooikerhondje
¤PullingHair¤ No.17856716// (breed/FH) (Bitch) Kooikerhondje

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Due 12/10/2021 to Glenfield Crusader
CH PullingHair- Chevy
Due 12/10/2021 to Glenfield Crusader
PullingHair No.17813013
Due 12/10/2021 to PullingHair- Hunter