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First to Make Top Ten All-Time Dogos in a Decade!!

First Gold Merit Dogo EVER in the Game!!

GCH Caldera: 20 CH Offspring - 2019
GCH Hanna: 5 CH Offspring - 2020
CH Arabeska: 10 CH Offspring - 2021

"Zoetic" Dogos Argentinos since Jan 2018
Previously "de Las Heladas" since 2014
"Ztc." Frenchies since Jan 2019

GCH CH Zoetic Appaloosa (98.75) Argentine Dogo
GCH CH rZtc. Meadowlark French Bulldog
Zoetic Forever (8) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Always (55) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Arabian (6) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Cascabel (55) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Crioulo (45+.2) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Cubanelle (35+.15) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Definitively (5) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Infinitely (7) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Irrevocably (wb75) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Mustang (6) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Permanently (6) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Perpetually (65 rsd) Argentine Dogo
Ztc. Dragonfly (97.65) French Bulldog
Ztc. Get Burned (97 ox old) French Bulldog
Ztc. Let the Sparks Fly (97.9) French Bulldog
Ztc. Peppermint (97.4) French Bulldog
Ztc. Set the World on Fire (97.15) French Bulldog

CH BSG White Horse Argentine Dogo
CH Zoetic Scorpion (6) Argentine Dogo
GCH CH Ztc. Minted (8) French Bulldog
Rezajarkirkja ex Zanguiz Urza Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Constantly (6) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Immortally (5 ox rsd) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Imperishably (rd) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Jalapeno (45) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Lusitano (6) Argentine Dogo
Ztc. Firemint French Bulldog
Ztc. Fly on the Wall (97.85) French Bulldog
Ztc. Flying Blind (97.85 10/10) French Bulldog
Ztc. Glass Suns (97 ox old) French Bulldog

By SamWich Favorite out of Ztc. Let the Sparks Fly.
(12 days)
Ztc. As the Crow Flies (Bitch) French Bulldog
By SamWich Favorite out of Ch Ztc. Mintmark.
(12 days)
New Puppy #3 (97.85) (Dog) French Bulldog
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) French Bulldog
By SamWich Favorite out of Ch rZtc. Meadowlark.
(12 days)
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) French Bulldog

Retirement Couch
CH Zoetic nbd Argentine Dogo
GCH CH Zoetic :D Argentine Dogo
GCH CH Ztc. Mintmark French Bulldog
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Prestige: 44.2 (#290)
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Account Level: Standard
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