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GCH Zoetic Caldera: First Silver Merit Dogo in the Game
GCH Zoetic Amuza: First Dogo to Make Top 10 in 10 Years

previously de Las Heladas // since 2013


Show quality pups available on request!

If there's a stud you'd like to use who isn't up, please message me.

CH Zoetic Andromeda (2hhg nnjato cldra) Argentine Dogo
CH Zoetic Basilisk (35hfg quasr(1)sprnva) Argentine Dogo
GCH CH Zoetic Caldera (14) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Dragon (05 H! ezu cldra) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Fetch in An Elevator (2 H! hprnva wraith) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Kumiho (3hhgc znth nova) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Whole Lotta Fetch (25) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Zaratan (25) Argentine Dogo

Zoetic As Long As You Fetch Me (45) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Cerberus (3hhqg peripert) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Endless Fetch (35) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic F-E-T-C-H (35) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Fetch is A Battlefield (97.55) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Fetch is A Drug (5) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Mapinguari (4h!) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Ratatoskr (6) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Thunderbird (top sop) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic U Give Fetch A Bad Name (3) Argentine Dogo
Zoetic Wyvern (5) Argentine Dogo

By Zoetic Fenrir out of Zoetic The Power of Fetch.
(3 days)
Zoetic Can’tHelpFallingInFetch (2) (Bitch) Argentine Dogo
By Zoetic Zahhak out of Ch Zoetic Andromeda.
(3 days)
Zoetic I’m Fetchin’ It (5) (Dog) Argentine Dogo
By Zoetic A World Without Fetch out of Zoetic All Out of Fetch.
(3 days)
New Puppy #3 (Bitch) Argentine Dogo
New Puppy #2 (Bitch) Argentine Dogo
New Puppy #1 (Bitch) Argentine Dogo
By Zoetic Tarasque out of Zoetic Arion.
(3 days)
Zoetic Fetch is the Answer (4) (Bitch) Argentine Dogo
By Zoetic Cerberus out of Zoetic Anubis.
(3 days)
Zoetic Fetch Meltdown (2) (Bitch) Argentine Dogo
By Zoetic Zahhak out of Zoetic Chupacabra.
(3 days)
Zoetic Where is the Fetch (05) (Bitch) Argentine Dogo
By Zoetic Selkie out of Zoetic Chimera.
(3 days)
Zoetic This Modern Fetch (15) (Bitch) Argentine Dogo

Retirement Couch
GCH CH Zoetic Before Their Eyes (BISS, Group1) Argentine Dogo
CH Zoetic Orbweaver (5xCh) Argentine Dogo
CH Zoetic Vanish (Group1, 4xCH) Argentine Dogo
General Info
Prestige: 69.2 (#122)
Location: Not Listed
Signed Up: 8/5/2016
Account Level: Standard
Last Visit: 10/23/2019
Community Rank: 183rd
Forum Activity
"Update on Server Switch"
46 replies | 10/23/2019

Upcomming Litters
Zoetic Whole Lotta Fetch
Due 10/27/2019 to Zoetic Fetch is A Drug
Zoetic Kumiho
Due 10/28/2019 to Zoetic Ratatoskr
CH Zoetic Basilisk
Due 10/28/2019 to Zoetic I Honestly Fetch U
Zoetic Fetch in An Elevator
Due 10/28/2019 to Zoetic As Long As You Fetch Me
Zoetic Zaratan
Due 10/28/2019 to Zoetic Thunderbird