Current Entries

Block Party 10 - Pharaoh Hound

Current Pharaoh Hound entries for the Block Party 10.  This show will be held on 5/26/2022 .

Name Owner Sex Born Handler
 Lady Swan TipToes Bitch 5/8/2022   Katy Murrell
 RedlandR Diamond Mine Rays Cove Kennels Bitch 3/10/2022   Robert Pouk
 RedlandR Britannia Petite TipToes Bitch 3/19/2022   Owner
 RedlandR Archeologist TipToes Bitch 4/5/2022   Owner
 RedlandR Creme d’Argent TipToes Dog 3/19/2022   Owner
 [LD] Get a Grip LyricDogs Dog 4/7/2022   Owner
 BSG Egyptian Eyes LyricDogs Bitch 2/7/2022   Owner
 [LD] Paradise of Bones LyricDogs Bitch 3/4/2022   Owner
 [LD] Bad Guy LyricDogs Dog 1/27/2022   Owner
 [LD] You Could Be the One LyricDogs Dog 2/3/2022   Owner
 RCKs™ Stregobor LyricDogs Dog 2/21/2022   Owner
 [LD] Empty Habits LyricDogs Dog 3/4/2022   Owner
 [LD] Knew This Would Happen LyricDogs Dog 3/7/2022   Owner
 RedlandR Fossil Fuels LyricDogs Dog 3/10/2022   Owner
 RedlandR Metropolis Rays Cove Kennels Dog 3/10/2022   Robert Pouk
Bred by Exhibitor
 [LD] Let Her Go LyricDogs Bitch 2/3/2022   Owner
 [LD] I Know How That Ends LyricDogs Bitch 3/7/2022   Owner

The Kennel Club (UK) system, which is also used by the Australian National Kennel Council[1] and in other countries, is considered the most difficult to earn a title under.