Current Entries

SunDow All Breed 8 - Collie

Current Collie entries for the SunDow All Breed 8.  This show will be held on 5/14/2021 .

Name Owner Sex Born Handler
 Woxie Falling Snow Candy3 Bitch 4/18/2021   Owner
 BRKs Sweet Hungarian Devil Black Raven Kennels Bitch 4/29/2021   Owner
 BRKs Imagine the Rest Black Raven Kennels Dog 4/16/2021   Owner
 Woxie Extra White Candy Collie/Sheltie Dog 4/17/2021   Owner
 BRKs Knight Flyer Black Raven Kennels Dog 4/29/2021   Owner
 Woxie Artistic Moves Candy3 Bitch 3/22/2021   Owner
 Woxie Small Bit of Black Candy3 Bitch 3/27/2021   Owner
 Woxie Chalk it Up Candy3 Bitch 2/12/2021   Huntert Dawe
 GraphiX Blackberry Smoothie GraphicX Bitch 3/5/2021   Maret Gentile
 Woxie Royal Blue Candy3 Bitch 3/22/2021   Cliff Irwin
 BRKs Battle Royale Black Raven Kennels Dog 1/15/2021   Jos Harter
 Alibi Double 0 Seven Candy Collie/Sheltie Dog 1/17/2021   Jene Moak
 Wocoe Alibi Southern Cloud Candy Collie/Sheltie Dog 1/23/2021   Ben Marro
 Black Raven Nevermore Playground Dog 2/15/2021   Maret Gentile
 Alibi Something Royal Alibi Dog 4/10/2021   Julie Patton
Bred by Exhibitor
 mulderbees Stella Marie mulderbees Bitch 2/28/2021   Owner
 Woxie Thrill of the Chase Candy Collie/Sheltie Bitch 3/9/2021   Owner
 Woxie White Moon Candy Collie/Sheltie Bitch 3/27/2021   Owner
 mulderbees Hush Hush Baby mulderbees Dog 1/27/2021   Owner
 BRKs Cloud Black Raven Kennels Dog 3/14/2021   Owner
 Woxie Promise to Stay White Candy Collie/Sheltie Dog 3/27/2021   Owner
1 to 1 1/2 Months
 BRKs Shieldmaiden Black Raven Kennels Bitch 3/30/2021   Owner
 BRKs Something About A Dragon Black Raven Kennels Bitch 3/31/2021   Owner
 BRKs Just Another Sequel Black Raven Kennels Bitch 4/2/2021   Owner
 RCK`s Good Golly Miss Mollie raincloudkennel Bitch 4/2/2021   Owner
 RCK`s Satin and Chain mail raincloudkennel Bitch 4/4/2021   Owner
 BRKs Battle Born Black Raven Kennels Bitch 4/4/2021   Jos Harter
 GraphiX Blue Moon GraphicX Bitch 4/5/2021   Julie Patton
 mulderbees walk into the sea mulderbees Bitch 4/13/2021   Owner
 BRKs Crystal Ball Black Raven Kennels Bitch 4/13/2021   Pamelan Treadwell
 BRKs We Did A Thing Black Raven Kennels Dog 4/2/2021   Owner
 Woxie Double Legacy Candy3 Dog 4/10/2021   Owner
 BRKs It`s Only Forever Black Raven Kennels Dog 4/13/2021   Huntert Dawe
 BRKs There`s A Possibility Black Raven Kennels Dog 4/13/2021   Owner

Did you know?
The second obedience title is a CDX, or "Companion Dog Excellent", which is earned through competition in the Open obedience class.