Current Entries

SunDow All Breed 8 - Flat-Coated Retriever

Current Flat-Coated Retriever entries for the SunDow All Breed 8.  This show will be held on 5/14/2021 .

Name Owner Sex Born Handler
 Top Gun Penance Flat Coat Kennel Bitch 4/20/2021   Owner
 Top Gun Lorraine Flat Coat Kennel Bitch 4/23/2021   Owner
 Top Gun Polen Flat Coat Kennel Dog 4/22/2021   Owner
 Top Gun Tuff Enough Flat Coat Kennel Dog 4/25/2021   Owner
 Whitegold Quadruple L Whitegold Dog 2/18/2021   Jos Harter
 Top Gun Sasha Flat Coat Kennel Bitch 2/16/2021   Owner
 Top Gun Nancy Flat Coat Kennel Bitch 3/18/2021   Owner
 STORMBRINGERS BLACKSILK Stormbringer Retrievers Bitch 3/24/2021   Maret Gentile
 Top Gun Poppy Flat Coat Kennel Bitch 4/13/2021   Owner
 Whitegold Richard B Whitegold Dog 2/11/2021   Julie Patton
 Top Gun Onari Flat Coat Kennel Dog 2/28/2021   Owner
 Top Gun Rundad Flat Coat Kennel Dog 3/2/2021   Owner
 Top Gun Oneil Flat Coat Kennel Dog 3/19/2021   Owner
 Top Gun Oberon Flat Coat Kennel Dog 4/7/2021   Owner
 STORMBRINGERS BLACKFJORD Stormbringer Retrievers Dog 4/8/2021   Maret Gentile
Bred by Exhibitor
 Whitegold Black Truffle Whitegold Bitch 2/25/2021   Owner
 Top Gun Tanille Flat Coat Kennel Bitch 2/25/2021   Owner
 Top Gun Percephony Flat Coat Kennel Bitch 3/12/2021   Owner
 Whitegold Macaroni Whitegold Bitch 3/15/2021   Owner
 Top Gun Nercia Flat Coat Kennel Bitch 3/16/2021   Owner
 Whitegold Fire Stitch Whitegold Bitch 3/21/2021   Owner
 Top Gun Taylor Flat Coat Kennel Bitch 3/29/2021   Owner
 Top Gun Thornton Flat Coat Kennel Dog 3/16/2021   Owner
1 to 1 1/2 Months
 STORMBRINGERS BLACKLORE Stormbringer Retrievers Dog 4/10/2021   Jene Moak
 Whitegold Damian Whitegold Dog 4/11/2021   Owner

Did you know?
An obedience trial is a dog sport in which a dog must perfectly execute a predefined set of tasks when directed to do so by his handler