GaylanStudio6 All Breed 22-08-19

Show Date: 8/19/2022
The 171,932nd show sponsored on
Judge: JT Howden

Entries: 726
138 users entered dogs in 87 different breeds.
Sponsor: GaylanStudio6
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Herding GCH CH PaSt Heatwave at HESA German Shepherd Dog
Hound GCH CH XiZang XillintHotStpr ngro*HM Borzoi
N-S GCH CH BarStar Thats What I Want Dalmatian
Sporting GCH CH Radiant Country Squire English Setter
Terrier GCH CH Seasar Black Star Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Toy GCH CH Angel`s Moonstruck Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Working GCH CH Seasar Blue Flame Alaskan Malamute

Herding Hound Non-Sporting Sporting Terrier Toy Working
Australian Kelpie
Australian Shepherd
Bearded Collie
Belgian Laekenois
Belgian Malinois
Belgian Sheepdog
Border Collie
Bouvier des Flandres
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
German Shepherd Dog
Shetland Sheepdog
Afghan Hound
Black and Tan Coonhound
English Foxhound
Ibizan Hound
Irish Wolfhound
Norwegian Elkhound
Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
Pharaoh Hound
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Alaskan Klee Kai
Bichon Frise
Chow Chow
German Spitz
Miniature Poodle
Standard Poodle
Tibetan Spaniel
Tibetan Terrier
American Cocker Spaniel
English Cocker Spaniel
English Setter
English Springer Spaniel
Flat-Coated Retriever
German Wirehaired Pointer
Gordon Setter
Irish Setter
Irish Water Spaniel
Labrador Retriever
Welsh Springer Spaniel
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Airedale Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier
Australian Terrier
Bedlington Terrier
Border Terrier
Cairn Terrier
Glen of Imaal Terrier
Jack Russell Terrier
Manchester Terrier
Miniature Bull Terrier
Rat Terrier
Scottish Terrier
Sealyham Terrier
Skye Terrier
Smooth Fox Terrier
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Welsh Terrier
Wire Fox Terrier
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Italian Greyhound
Shih Tzu
Toy Poodle
Alaskan Malamute
Anatolian Shepherd
Argentine Dogo
Bernese Mountain Dog
Black Russian Terrier
Caucasian Mountain Dog
Doberman Pinscher
Dogue de Bordeaux
Siberian Husky
South African Boerboel
Tibetan Mastiff

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