Saluki Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH Antoc Cadillac Ranch 98.0 Fawn Sable Feathered Antoc $100
GCH CH Vespertinus Parsifal 98.2 Black & Tan Feathered Vespertinus $50
GCH CH Meadowly Time Flies 97.9 Fawn Sable Feathered Arman Arezu $25
CH Meadowly Puzzlingly Promised 98.0 Golden Grizzle Feathered Misken5778 $100
CH Mahzada of Ardeshir 98.2 Golden Grizzle Feathered Ardeshir $100
CH Meadowly Holy Water 98.1 Fawn Sable Feathered Meadowly $100
CH Antoc Elvira 97.7 Fawn Sable Feathered Antoc $50
CH Antoc Boot Scooting Boogie 97.4 Golden Feathered Antoc $50
CH Arman Arezu Elvio Esteban 98.1 Golden Feathered Antoc $50
CH Peregrins Bucephalus 98.0 Fawn Sable Feathered Peregrin $50
CH Peregrins Satellite 98.1 Golden Feathered Peregrin $50
CH Meadowly Chapel Of Love 97.9 Chocolate & Tan Feathered Meadowly $50
CH Meadowly Velveteen Kisses 98.0 Fawn Grizzle Feathered Meadowly $50
CH CDXMeadowly Benelli 98.0 Golden Sable Feathered Newwave $25
CH CDXMeadowly Twinkling Silver 96.9 Black & Silver Smooth foola $25
CH Targaryens Red Room 97.8 Red Grizzle Feathered khaleesi $25
CH Targaryens Redrum 98.0 Red Feathered khaleesi $25
CH Burnt Wood 94.4 Black & Tan Smooth Yorobun $25
Makrana of Ardeshir 98.2 Fawn Grizzle Feathered Ardeshir $150
Rohaan of Ardeshir 98.2 Black & Silver Feathered Ardeshir $150
Nashtifan of Ardeshir 98.2 Fawn Grizzle Feathered Ardeshir $100
StarTime Siver Special 92.0 Silver Parti Feathered ShibaLoca $100
Targaryens Silver Surfer 97.2 Silver Sable Feathered khaleesi $50
Targaryens Tempered Steel 97.7 Fawn Feathered khaleesi $50
StarTime Silver Sprocket 94.5 Silver Parti Feathered lisra $50
StarTime Chocolate Stetson 93.6 Chocolate Parti Feathered lisra $50
StarTime Chocolate Wizatd 94.2 Chocolate Parti Feathered lisra $50
CDSoothsayer Al Johar 97.9 Golden Feathered Al Johara $50
Targaryens Thats A Surprise 97.2 Fawn Grizzle Feathered khaleesi $50
Targaryen Thats Great 95.4 Black & Silver Feathered khaleesi $50
StarTime Silver Tornado 94.3 Silver Parti Feathered lisra $50
StarTime Chocolate Cruiser 91.1 Chocolate Feathered lisra $50
StarTime Silver Operator 94.3 Silver Parti Feathered lisra $50
Nimbus Al Johar 82.3 Fawn Grizzle Parti Feathered Al Johara $25
Cairo Al Johar 87.2 Black & Silver Parti Feathered Al Johara $25
Sentinel Piaffe Al Johar 90.2 Black Feathered Al Johara $25
Shahwan Al Johar 81.4 Golden Grizzle Feathered Al Johara II $25
Meadowly Remington 96.7 Black & Silver Feathered Meadowly $25
StarTime Black Pluto 93.1 Black Parti Feathered lisra $25
Meadowly Rosy Cheeked 97.4 Fawn Grizzle Feathered Meadowly $25
Aqrab Al Johar 93.6 Fawn Grizzle Feathered Brinmor $25

Did you know?
In the United Kingdom, the international championship show Crufts was first held in 1891.