Schipperke Studs

  - indicates a dog that requires approval to be used as a stud.  When using these studs, you may have to wait up to 24-hours to breed your bitch.  Dogs open for public stud can be used for breeding right now.

Dog Name SOP Color Owner Stud Fee
GCH CH BSG Flaxen Jack 56.5 Cream bsgk3 $100
CH BSG Chocolate Daydreams 50.9 Chocolate bsgk3 $100
CH BSG Mixed Chocolate Watchman 56.3 Black bsgk3 $100
CH BSG Flaxen Shadows 48.5 Cream PixelPups $25
FluffF Fortified 33.0 Chocolate Fluff Forever $100
FluffF Chocolate Frogs 40.0 Chocolate Fluff Forever $100
FluffF Ballantyne 37.6 Chocolate Fluff Forever $100
FluffF Captain Midnight 52.1 Black Fluff Forever $100
FluffF Wild Colonial Boy 57.9 Black Fluff Forever $100
FluffF Saturday Fever 44.5 Cream Fluff Forever $100
PixelPups Indigo Shadow 44.7 Black PixelPups $50
BSG Blissful Dream 37.0 Chocolate bsgk3 $25
PixelPups Dark Shadow 48.3 Black PixelPups $25

Did you know?
Judges are generally certified to judge one or several breeds, usually in the same group, but a few "all-breed" judges have the training and experience to judge large numbers of breeds.