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Author Topic : New Old User - Looking for Showables
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New/old user. I've been around off & on for a long time. Getting started again in a new string of kennels.

Am looking for stuff to show. Have a family account. Looking for 2-3 dogs per kennel just to play with while I get the breeding programs set up. Willing to play with rare stuff if there are majors at least two or three times a week.
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I have two breeds you could try out. I have a few very nice Doberman pups I'd be willing to sell you, as well as a very nice Tibetan Mastiff bitch. I don't mind lowering prices and such if you are interested (:

If none of those suit you, I also plan on having a Siberian Husky litter sometime soon, or maybe some Thai Ridgebacks. Again, just email me if you're interested.
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You might want to give Bouvier des Flandres a try. They are a rarer breed, but they do quite well in the show ring, I've had three BIGs in the past week. I'm showing against myself for the most part, so I only enter under judges that I know like the breed, but I enter enough dogs for there to be a major (even if its only three points) at least three times a week. I've fallen in love with this breed and I am planning on adding them to another one of my kennels as soon as I get the funds. I have show quality dogs coming out my ears, I am using all my sessions and still have about four dogs that I am unable to session at this time. I would hate to see some of these dogs go to waste, so PM me if you're interested.

~Lissa happy :)
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I dont know what you need but i can sure help you. Iam magoing to have puppies this week, i will make sure you get one.

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